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AltBank Partners With Sterling One Foundation And Lagos FoodBank To Tackle Hunger, Boost Education

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Apr 18, 2024

In a significant move to combat hunger and enhance educational opportunities in Nigeria, The Alternative Bank Limited (AltBank) has teamed up with Sterling One Foundation and Lagos FoodBank. The trio aims to raise N20 million through a collaborative initiative announced by Hassan Yusuf, Managing Director of AltBank.

This fundraising effort is part of the broader AltWalk event, designed as a key platform to gather both internal and external support for these crucial causes. The initiative is strategically aligned with the African Union Summit 2024’s theme, “Educate and Skill Africa for the 21st Century.”

Yusuf emphasized the dual focus of the campaign: “Our objective is not only to provide essential meals for those in dire need through the Lagos FoodBank but also to furnish substantial educational support via Sterling One Foundation.” He added that this approach underscores AltBank’s commitment to fostering societal welfare and education, which are pivotal to economic and social development.

The campaign encourages participation from individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to contribute towards ending hunger, improving educational outcomes, and promoting healthy living. Contributions can be made online at [AltBank’s dedicated campaign page](https://altbank.ng/walk/).

This partnership also marks a continued effort by AltBank to empower its customers and the broader community by addressing critical areas such as health, food security, and education. Yusuf noted, “Education is at the core of our mission to strengthen the economy and enhance financial well-being across our society.”

AltBank, a newcomer to Nigeria’s financial sector, has quickly established itself as a key player in non-interest banking since its inception in 2014 as Sterling Alternative Finance. With a robust ethical banking framework, it has expanded its services to meet diverse community needs.

*About Lagos FoodBank and Sterling One Foundation:*
Lagos FoodBank, a vital non-profit organization, focuses on alleviating hunger and reducing food waste through targeted nutritional programs. It serves vulnerable groups including children, pregnant women, and the elderly across various communities.

Sterling One Foundation works to drive social impact in crucial sectors of the Nigerian economy. With a focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals, the foundation addresses unique challenges faced by Africans through initiatives aimed at employability, sustainability, and socioeconomic development.

Through these concerted efforts, AltBank, Sterling One Foundation, and Lagos FoodBank aim to make a substantial impact on Nigeria’s social fabric by addressing two of the most pressing issues of our time: hunger and education.

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