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May 1, 2024

In the otherwise tranquil communities of Ndele and its environs in the Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, the recent criminal exploits of Gift Ogbo, also known as “Akwa Ndele,” have reignited concerns over crime and rehabilitation. Having served an 11-year sentence for murder, Ogbo’s release in December 2023 marked the beginning of a terror spree that culminated in a botched kidnapping attempt and significant injuries to both perpetrators and victims.

Gift Ogbo, 39, had initially been incarcerated for the murder of an uncle over a land dispute in 2012. Rather than rehabilitating, Ogbo reportedly honed his criminal skills during his imprisonment, aligning with fellow inmates to form a kidnap-for-ransom gang. Upon release, he quickly reassembled his criminal network, including old friends and new accomplices from prison.

The gang’s criminal activities escalated quickly, with their first major operation on March 13, 2024, involving the armed kidnapping of a couple from their car. The situation took a grim turn when the kidnappers shot Tochukwu Egbo, one of the victims, and later abandoned him, injured and bleeding, due to a fuel shortage. Fortunately, Egbo was rescued by locals and is currently recovering.

Their criminal endeavors continued until March 29, 2024, when an attempted carjacking backfired dramatically. Ogbo and an accomplice were severely injured when their intended victim retaliated, resulting in the mob’s intervention and the eventual arrest of the injured criminals. This incident ended tragically for Oyi-Baba, one of Ogbo’s accomplices, who died from his injuries while Ogbo remains in critical condition under police surveillance.

These events have sparked a strong response from local law enforcement. The Rivers State Police Commissioner, CP Olatunji Rilwan Disu, expressed dismay at the continuation of such violent criminal behaviors and emphasized the importance of education and legitimate opportunities as alternatives to crime. He reassured the public of the police’s commitment to combating crime vigorously.

This series of violent incidents serves as a grim reminder of the challenges of rehabilitating those who have embraced criminality and the ongoing struggles against crime in the region. As the community reels from these events, there is a collective call for more effective measures in crime prevention and rehabilitation strategies.

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