• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

    What’s The Most Insane Thing A Human Has Survived?

    Mine goes to Harrison Okene. He was a Nigerian sailor/chef, when a tugboat he was on sank. Divers went searching THREE days after the boat sank, only then they found a survivor. He was in a small air pocket 100 feet under the surface. Never could I imagine a man being trapped a 100 feet under the surface for 3 days, and surviving.

    Once he was found, divers were nervous he would panic during the rescue. He had been breathing dangerous levels of nitrogen, and had never used scuba equipment. Harrison thought it had only been 12–14 hours before he found out he had been buried under the sea for 60 hours. Once resurfacing, Harrison was reunited with his family and now has vowed to “never return to the sea.”
    Source: Quora

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