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WHATCHAPP: The New Antidote To Insecurity In Nigeria

ByHybrid News

Jan 26, 2022

The newly introduced Whatchap digital security information and communication app in Nigeria heralds a new welcome antidote in the nation’s joint effort to battle the worrisome wave of insecurity across the country that has seriously threatened the social, economic and infrastructural stability of our nation.

Whatchapp is a cutting edge technology with the power of bringing people together to watch out for each other so they can take care of the security of people and places they love.

The new technology was developed specifically for Nigerian security situation by two UK-based Nigerian security engineers, Chief Christian Ebede and Nnonso Marchie, both of Ozone Technologies both in the Oxford UK and in Nigeria, and designed by Emmanuel Azu Nwaolisa, also a Nigerian. There are other high-tech utility apps in the pipeline by Ozone Technologies which will be unveiled in due course. Since its debuting, WhatchApp been in great demand as a big-time security game changer in Nigeria.

The app was designed to enable members the Nigerian public to participate more effectively in the fight against insecurity. It connects the user with their families, friends, and neighbors and enables them find out when something important is happening around them, so they and their loved ones can stay safe.

The current wave of abductions across the country makes every person a potential target regardless of social class or economic status. This is one of the major reasons Whatchapp was developed to keep Nigerian citizens safe.

Once you become a Whatchapp user, your location can be tracked anywhere in Nigeria. All you have to do is to make sure your location is switched-on on your android mobile phone, and at any moment you don’t feel safe, or any time there is an emergency, you can send an instant message from the app by pressing the SOS button, and your location would be sent to your friends and family members instantly. You can do this through saving the names, email address and phone number of your friends and family members on your SOS contact.

Whatchapp works with law-abiding and registered residents in the cities, towns and villages in Nigeria to enable them to record and submit video, photographs and accounts of incidents and activities that are pertinent to the well-being and safety of their community and their family.

Whatchapp can send instant emergency report of any security breach or incident in their immediate localities and environment, both to relevant security units and even more importantly, to residents and people around the scene of insecurity, be it kidnapping, murder, road accidents, armed robbery, fire outbreak, unknown gun men, herdsmen conflict, banditry, name it.

Whatchap app has automatic recording capability which enables the user capture and remit the full scenery of the scene along with the security alert. The app also enables the users to make instant call for help when he or she or other people are in danger and need urgent help or assistance from security agents or other people in the vicinity.

The app conveys full information in real time as to the exact time and location, as well as the direction map routes of an incident. The app can also instantly receive security alerts from the police and other security agencies within seconds of the alert, so they will know how to avoid or flee that area.

Thus, Whatchap enables the Nigerian society to incorporate security duty into their day to day life and gives every Nigerian the chance and opportunity not only to save themselves but also to save and secure the lives of their families, loved ones and others neighbours. More importantly, it helps and enhances the security consciousness and situational awareness of Nigerians, which is a key ingredient of the battle against insecurity.

The new Whatchap app is also an invaluable addition to the communication kit of Nigerian security agencies at all levels, as well as to local security vigilantes and security guards.
The beauty of the new app is that it does not constitute an extra burden of carriage or added charge, You only need to download the app from Google Play store f (see photos) just as you would download and install other apps from Google store.

With Whatchapp, Nigerians stand to protect themselves and one another and make Nigeria a safer place for all. Every Nigerian should download Whatchap app now!.

installation of Whatchapp on your phone is a simple process:
1.Open WhatchApp on your phone browser
2.Download WhatchApp from Google Play Store
3.Create an Account
4.Log in with the number you registered with
5.A verification code will be sent to you
6.You are ready to use WhatchApp

Next step: add your SOS contacts
•Log in to WhatchApp
•Make sure your location is turned on.
•Go to settings
•Click on SOS contacts
•Click on the icon on the top right corner of your phone
•Fill the form with the names and phone numbers of your friends and family members and other contacts up to 20 numbers.

How to send instant notification/alert to your contacts, call the police and other security agents in case of emergency
•Log in to WhatchApp
•Make sure your location is turned on.
•Click on Report Emergency
•Click on Send SOS, an instant message will be sent to all your SOS contacts showing them your location; emergency numbers of the police, fire service and Civil Defence appears which you can call and make your report.

How to record and post an accident or emergency case
1.Log in to WhatchApp
2.Make sure your location is turned on.
3.Click on Report Emergency and click on Eye Witness
4.Write a report on the incident
5.Click either the camera or video icon to take a picture or video the scene and send.

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