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Wema Bank Introduces Phygital, New Self-Service Offering In Branches Nationwide

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Jun 11, 2023

Wema Bank Plc, a leading financial institution known for its innovation and technology, has recently launched Phygital Branch, a self-service platform that combines the best features of traditional and digital banking across all its branches in Nigeria.

During the initiative’s launch, Wema Bank’s Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Mabel Adeteye, emphasized the bank’s recognition that some customers still prefer the physical experience of traditional banking but wish to avoid potential hassles like queues that can diminish their overall experience.

“Phygital tablets provide our customers with a seamless in-branch experience by reducing their time spent at the branch and eliminating long queues,” stated Adeteye.

With Phygital tablets, customers can perform various financial services on their individual accounts without needing to interact with a customer representative or fill out forms.

The services include checking account balances, transferring funds, upgrading or reactivating accounts, updating account information, generating statements of account, obtaining letters of reference and non-indebtedness, and much more.

The introduction of Phygital has already gained traction among customers.

Madame Olivia Oluwashetemi, an initial skeptic, now praises Phygital as a brilliant and welcome idea. She shared her experience, saying, “When I visited my Wema branch a few days ago to resolve some customer service issues, I was informed that I could save time by using the new platform, Phygital. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to reactivate my account and update my phone number within minutes.”

She added that while ALAT remains her primary choice, she wouldn’t mind occasionally visiting the branch for Phygital services.

The launch of Phygital further solidifies Wema Bank’s position as a digital leader, with ALAT already establishing its digital dominance.

However, unlike ALAT, which is fully digital, Phygital combines the advantages of physical and digital banking, offering customers a wider range of options for their banking preferences.

Adeteye, Wema Bank’s Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, highlighted the bank’s commitment to continually evolve and enhance its customers’ lives and experiences. Phygital is another addition to their lineup of products and services designed to provide seamless customer service, building on the trust customers have in Wema Bank.

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