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WARRI: Delta Police Apprehend Individuals Involved In Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Attendance

ByHybrid News

Aug 30, 2023

Taking a firm stand against same-sex marriage, law enforcement officers in Delta state, operating under the leadership of Commissioner of Police (CP) Wale Abass, have apprehended individuals believed to be participating in a same-sex marriage event in Warri, Delta.

Recent events unfolded on the 27th of August, 2023, as a police operation disrupted a same-sex marriage ceremony and led to the arrest of multiple individuals in Ekpan Division.

Operatives of the divisional patrol team attached to Ekpan Division acted on intelligence and intercepted a male cross-dresser during the evening of August 27th. Upon further investigation, the individual revealed his affiliation with a gay club and admitted his intent to attend a gay marriage ceremony.

Acting swiftly, Divisional Police Officer CSP Aliyu Shaba, along with his team, conducted a raid at Teebolus Hotel off Refinery Road Ekpan Warri, where the suspected gay marriage was said to be taking place.

As the police arrived at the scene, the attendees attempted to flee, resulting in a chase that led to the arrest of a total of sixty-seven suspects, both male and female.

Allegedly, the event was a same-sex wedding ceremony between Daniel Pius (the groom), aged 22, and Maxwel Ohwonohwo (the bride), aged 20. Among the items discovered at the venue were drug-related paraphernalia, including a codeine bottle, refined Canadian loud, SK sachets, tramadol, and molly drugs. Additionally, ceremonial attire for gay weddings was found.

During the investigation, Abel Daniel, aged 23, disclosed that he had been engaged in a non-consensual sexual encounter while under the influence of alcohol. One of the male suspects, currently at large, allegedly had non-consensual anal intercourse with Abel Daniel at the hotel.

All suspects and confiscated items are now in police custody, while efforts to apprehend the remaining individuals involved are ongoing to facilitate potential prosecution.

CP Wale Abass vehemently reaffirmed that same-sex relationships have no place in Delta state while emphasizing that marriage is only legally recognized between a man and a woman.

Any public display of amorous relationships between individuals of the same sex is strictly prohibited within the state. Individuals found in defiance of this regulation will face legal consequences as per the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2013.

He encouraged the public to collaborate with law enforcement in maintaining the moral fabric of society.

He urged citizens to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities, thereby contributing to the preservation of peace within the community. Concerned individuals can utilize dedicated phone lines or contact the Police Public Relations Office to ensure necessary actions are taken.

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