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Voice, Data Services Restored Following Undersea Cable Cuts

ByHybrid News

Mar 19, 2024

After experiencing disruptions on March 14, 2024, which affected data and voice services due to cuts in undersea fiber optics along the coasts of Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal, telecom operators have successfully restored services to approximately 90% of their peak utilization capacities.

Following the incident, all affected operators swiftly implemented recovery measures by tapping into alternative submarine cables that remained unaffected by the cuts. As a result, they have managed to recover approximately 90% of their peak utilization capacities, ensuring that essential voice and data services are once again available to consumers.

Mobile Network Operators have assured regulatory authorities that data and voice services will continue to operate optimally until full repairs are completed on the damaged undersea cables. By activating alternative connectivities, operators have effectively mitigated the impact of the disruption and restored normalcy to the telecommunications landscape.

The regulatory body extends its appreciation to telecom consumers for their patience and understanding during the period of downtime caused by the undersea fiber cuts. The collaborative efforts between operators and regulatory authorities have played a pivotal role in swiftly addressing the challenges posed by the disruption, underscoring the resilience of the telecommunications sector in overcoming unforeseen obstacles.

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