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As the year 2022 opens with so much expectation, very high hopes are being set for key industries.

The real estate, construction, and properties industry are one of such with very lofty and high expectations to significantly shape the Nigerian economy. Driven by high-impact innovations and trends, there is positive optimism that the real estate industry will contribute significantly to the expected disruptions in 2022.

This is so much so given the huge amount of progress recorded in housing development in 2021. So, here are the 10 most innovative and trusted companies in the real estate industry in Nigeria being tipped to disrupt the market!

CDV Properties and Development Limited are a truly indigenous company and one of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate firms offering services in civil construction and property development. In addition to an impressive portfolio of historical Real Estate landmarks in Nigeria, the company is currently expanding its portfolio of properties development. What makes CDV unique is its knack for quality construction and timely completion of projects. CDV Properties is known for delivering integrated engineering services and projects which are optimum in terms of schedule, HSE, quality/technical standards, and cost-effectiveness. The company has a very strong leadership and management team and has an exceptional record of timely delivery of projects.

Cadwell pioneered the true meaning of the luxury real estate revolution in Nigeria over a decade and a half ago. Apart from the geographical diversification, the company has also diversified into other businesses including retail, hospitality, and leisure even though their core has always been property development and real estate. Cadwell is a leading independent real estate company in Nigeria, focused on property development, marketing, and management of real estate products and Cadwell Limited was incorporated in October 2001 as a wholly indigenous real estate firm to be the market leader in the provision of super-luxury homes. Over the years, Cadwell has built a strong reputation for providing some of the best real estate assets in Nigeria and has completed numerous luxury lifestyle projects with an impressive property portfolio most of which are located in highbrow Ikoyi and Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Cadwell understands the business of luxury and believes that while maximizing return on investment it can still build an exclusive premium brand.

Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd is a leading building and civil engineering contracting firm in Nigeria, with nearly 90 years of experience and a solid reputation built on its history, professionalism, and commitment to service excellence. From minor works to major infrastructure projects, Cappa and D’Alberto have a proven record of construction engineering excellence in Nigeria. Using its broad range of local and international experience and expertise, the company can deliver cost-effective projects, tailor-made for its clients, and suitable to provide the financial security and extensive resources of the main contractor. Ninety years since its inception, Cappa and D’Alberto have worked on different types of commercial, residential, retail, and mixed-use developments, as well as places of worship, and the company is one of the proud players poised to disrupt the real estate sector in 2022 with a legacy of having built some of Nigeria’s most influential and iconic buildings.

Known as the Rolls Royce of Luxury Real Estate in Nigeria and Africa’s most innovative luxury real estate brand, Sujimoto Construction has become the standard for luxury and excellence in an industry that is widely dominated by top-grade unevenness. Associated exclusively with bespoke and iconic structures, Sujimoto offers a unique and exclusive lifestyle strictly reserved for 1% of 1%. From the début Medici project – a collage of exceptional townhouses adorned with unique marble facades; to the Lucrezia – the tallest and most sophisticated building in Banana Island, set for a grand opening in the 2nd quarter of 2022; And now the new address for Luxury: the Leonardo Tower in Banana Island – a waterfront high rise development with many FIRSTS! 1st building in Nigeria with the Porcelanosa KRION Façade, exclusive boat club membership, Virtual Indoor golf bar; IMAX cinema; 1st building with 14 Private Swimming Pools and many other firsts! In Abuja, Sujimoto is building the Queen Amina By Sujimoto Project – a luxury twin-tower, mixed-use development that combines 16th-century northern royalty with 21st-century architecture, detailing the beauty, sophistication, and outstanding exploits of the great Zazzau warrior – Queen Amina. There are plans also to commence the construction of the Jumeriah By Sujimoto – a palatial abode that will house over 100 luxury Villas. Just when everyone thought that was the peak, Sujimoto came up with the innovative Sujimoto Smart City – the first-of-its-kind in Nigeria, a project designed to create a mini Dubai city in Abuja and Lagos, with over 1200 subscriptions already and still counting. A smart community with unparalleled amenities perfect for Polo lovers and Golf connoisseurs is a 21st-century community where you can live, work, and play. There are also plans to take the Sujimoto influence global with the Sujimoto Tower in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Dubai. Sujimoto founder, Sijibomi Ogundele through his grass to grace journey as a young man from Agege to becoming a multibillion real estate giant has always showcased disruptive ideas and vision and the industry is optimistic that his team will unleash more disruptions in 2022.

Headquartered in Lagos, Knight Frank Nigeria which trades as Knight Frank Nigeria Partnership has grown to be one of the largest firms of estate surveyors and valuers in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in Nigeria in 1965, the company attributes its growth down to the high standards of professionalism, commercial acumen, and integrity. Knight Frank Nigeria is part of Knight Frank LLP which is one of the world’s largest independent residential and commercial property consultancies. Working closely with owners, occupiers, developers, and investors, Knight Frank commercial and residential specialists are some of the best in the world with strict adherence to the highest levels of industry code of conduct, at all times. As one of the world’s largest independent residential and commercial property consultancy, Knight Frank has always been a trusted company and will be one of many industry players will be looking up to in 2022.

Fine & Country is a global real estate brand, specializing in providing a premium service through exceptional marketing and professionalism in the upper quartile of the market. With an office located in the serene Ikoyi, the company is a true reflection of value and excellence. Fine & Country has offices in over 300 locations worldwide, with a combined widespread exposure of the international marketplace leveraging on the strength of its independent property professionals. Fine & Country serves as a Real Estate Development Consultant to a variety of development projects including residential developments, apartment complexes, shopping centers, mixed-use, and master-planned communities, among other types of real estate projects. The company remains of the top real estate behemoths to watch in 2022.

LAC Construction and Property Development Company Limited started in 2006 with its major aim being to bridge the demand gap in urban housing while utilizing affordable housing solutions. The Company is focused on eradicating shortages in the housing sector by providing quality and affordable homes. The company’s mission is to harmonize, network, and partner with various industries and individuals in achieving exponential growth. As a foresighted brand, LAC Construction Limited is driven by a clear ambition to bridge the gap between citizens with minimal income per capital base and their rich counterparts. LAC Constructions and Properties Development Limited have Real Estate assets that cut across the commercial, retail and residential property spectrum as they are poised to render Real Estate consultancy and advisory services. With Trust, Integrity, and quality as the watchwords, LAC Construction limited offers top-notch services that span from Real Estate Development, Facility Management, Importation, and Fire Services. Driven by a clear vision of the business philosophy built of excellence, LAC Construction is focused on the development of luxury real estate that meets the needs, budget, and taste of clients at an affordable housing rate in any location of the client’s choice in Nigeria.

HOMES & HOMES Real Estate Solutions Ltd is a registered real estate firm that is reckoned for its quality Real Estate projects development and property management capabilities. The company is imbued with the capacity to undertake real estate development projects in any ramification across Nigeria. Homes and Homes Limited is made up of seasoned Estate Surveyors and Developers with reputable years of quality experience. It has proven integrity with a solid track record. The company has in the last five years re-engineered its service delivery systems and expanded its scope of real estate deliverables to meet requirements in various sectors of the economy, both in commercial, residential, retail, and other real estate categories. Homes and Homes Real Estate Limited has initiated projects and provided advice to clients in construction and other real estate sectors to include commercial and retail development. They have an established record of efficiency and integrity as its modus operandi in business which makes the company one of the most important real estate companies to watch in 2022.

Landwey Investment is a Real Estate investment company with development projects across the Real Estate spectrum. The company operates within the commercial, retail, and residential property segments and provides real estate advisory services. Their success is built on an asset base that is valued as one of the largest in the Nigerian Real Estate sector. Landwey may have started small but it has grown remark within the past few years into a completely well management company and has made land banking and real estate investments accessible to everyone in a way that is simple, secure, and profitable. This has been achieved through disruptions and more which is expected in 2022.

Adron Homes & Properties Limited has as its main goal the desire to secure suitable, affordable housing for everyone, irrespective of their income level, social class, and all else. The Company is mainly driven to fulfill the desire of the prospective homeowner, increase access to land banking options, and offer excellent real estate services with affordable housing products. This company is expected to continue to innovate in 2022 with its mission of affordable housing for all.

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