TOAN Calls For The Arrest Of Chinedu Ezike


The Anambra State Police Command have been called upon to immediately arrest Chinedu Ezike for physically inflicting injury on the Unit Chairman of Keke drivers at Uga Junction by Express, Onitsha. This was contained in a press statement by Comrade Simon Ogugua, State Publicity Secretary, Anambra State.

According to the statement by the Tricycle Owners Association TOAN Anambra State Chapter, the callous action said the Police should take immediate and drastic action in arresting Ezike who is a younger brother of Mr Wilfred Ezike (Mgbiligba), who is now awaiting trial at Onitsha prison to avoid further inflicting of injury on the innocent people.

According to Comrade Simon Ogugua, “the problem started when Chinedu, who usually collects tolls like internal generated revenue (IGR) and Union tickets for Keke riders at Uga Junction, whenever they carry passengers to Everton Street,they demanded for the renewal of membership.

But on Saturday October 23, 2021, Chinedu called Keke riders and informed them that they would pay N20,000 for the renewal of their membership against the Union extant rules and regulations because he’s not our member.

This renewal of membership entails the riders paying huge amount to a non Union member.

Last year both old and new members paid as much as N20, 000 per a person under intimidation.

However, the unit chairman, Afamefuna Onyejekwe, went to appeal to him that it was not fair to collect another money from the riders.

Ezike responded by using cutlass to inflict injuries on the chairman in different parts of his body.

“What actually happened is this, there’s this guy called chinedu who is currently working with Ifeanyi Ezike (Mgbirimgba brother), who usually collect toll from the riders, whenever they load passenger from Uga by service line to Egerton”

“On Saturday being the 23rd of this very month they called all the members plying that route that, there will be a renewal of membership which sometime last year all the members both new and old pay to them the sum of N20.000 each”

“This evening the Unit Chairman had to approach the guy telling him is not fair collecting another money from the riders the only response from the guy is to use Cutlass on the unit Chairman”

We are also implore the Divisional police officer, CSP Rabui Garba to investigate and reprimand some of his senior police officers fraternizing with the said notorious tout whom we learnt has been allegedly making huge amounts to the said officers as a return.

The DPO should fish out these corrupt officers and meted them with appropriate punishment inline with the police Act Cap 359 as amended.