• Fri. May 24th, 2024

In response to recent network failures that caused delays in the exit of goods from the ports, the Customs Area Controller (CAC) of Tin-Can Island Port Command, Comptroller Dera Nnadi mni, has implemented measures to address the situation. The command has mandated officers to extend their working hours and be present at their duty posts to mitigate the impact of the downtime.

A memo from the Command’s Public Relations Officer’s desk addressed to terminal operators, clearing agents, and other stakeholders outlined the directive titled “Operationisation of Work Hours.” It stated that all DC terminals, Releasing Officers, Heads of Units, and their respective officers would continue operations until 2000 Hours on May 3, 2024, to cover the lost time due to the network downtime. Additionally, officers were instructed to report to duty by 0800 Hours on May 4, 2024.

Although the cyber network at the ports has been restored, there is reluctance among clearing agents to take advantage of the relief provided by the Tin-Can Island Customs to exit their goods from the ports.

Clearing agents and importers have been grappling with cyber network failures at the ports since the beginning of the week, leading to frustration and delays in the clearance process.

The proactive measures taken by the Tin-Can Island Port Command demonstrate a commitment to addressing challenges promptly and ensuring the smooth flow of operations at the ports. However, stakeholders are urged to cooperate and take advantage of the extended working hours to expedite the clearance of goods and minimize disruptions caused by the network downtime.
Source: Roamreporters

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