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    Tin Can Customs Command Achieves Significant Revenue Growth In Non-Oil Exports Over Six Months

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    Jul 21, 2023

    The Nigeria Customs Service, Tin Can Island Port Command, has announced a remarkable surge in revenue from non-oil export activities during the first half of 2023.

    Between January and June 2023, the command facilitated the export of an impressive 291,436.43 Metric tonnes (MT) through Free On Board (FOB).

    Comptroller Adekunle Oloyede, the Customs Area Controller for Tin Can Island Command, expressed his satisfaction with the substantial increase in both volume (MT) and value (FOB) of the export trade during this period.

    Comparatively, when comparing the figures with the previous year, the tonnage of goods exported through the Tin Can Island Port Complex (TICPC) grew from 138,246.5 (MT) to 291,436.43 (MT), representing a remarkable growth rate of 110.8%.

    Also, the FOB value of the year’s exports also experienced significant growth, surging from N110,447,250,811 in the first half of 2022 to N182,333,764,943 in the first half of 2023, reflecting a substantial increase of 65%.

    The exports predominantly consisted of agricultural and allied products, including Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Beans, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Rubber, Empty bottles, and copper ingots.

    Comptroller Oloyede highlighted the proactive approach taken by the Command during this period, participating in several symposiums aimed at incentivizing non-oil exports. Of notable mention is the Command’s involvement in the CBN RT200fx, where numerous benefits of export trade were emphasized.

    Furthermore, regarding revenue collection, Comptroller Oloyede shared the impressive results. The Command recorded a total collection of N260,256,942,120.69 in the first half of 2023. This amount reflects a variation when compared to the same period in 2022, with a difference of N14,063,773,058.09 (N274,320,715,178.78 was collected in the first half of 2022).

    For a detailed breakdown of monthly revenue collection within the period, in January 2023, the Command collected a sum of N42,536,336,038.11.

    “A total collection of Forty-One Billion, Five Hundred and Eighteen Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty-Nine Naira, Nine Kobo (N41,518,738,649.09) was collected in the month of February 2023.

    “In the month of March 2023, the Command recorded a total collection of Forty-Two Billion, Eight Hundred and Three Million, One Hundred and Fourteen Thousand, Five Hundred and Forty-Four Naira, Eleven Kobo (N42,803,114,544.11).

    “While in the months of April, May and June, the revenue recorded are Thirty-Six Billion, Five Hundred and Eleven Million, Six Hundred and Eighty-One Thousand, Fifty-Seven Naira, Nine Kobo (N36,511,681,057.09), Forty-Six Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty-Five Million, Six Hundred and Thirty-Nine Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-Eight Naira, Seventy-Nine Kobo (N46,485,639,728.79) and Fifty Billion, Four Hundred and One Million, Four Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, One Hundred and Three Naira Fifty Kobo (N50,401,432,103.50) respectively.

    He added that “It is imperative and worthy of note to mention the critical roles played by the Customs Intelligence Unit, the Valuation Unit, Customs Police Unit and Post Clearance Audit for their sustained interventions which translated to the blockage of revenue leakages by enhanced compliance towards the attainment of the revenue drive.

    On the Command’s enforcement campaigns, Comptroller Oloyede stated that, “Tin Can Island Command Anti-smuggling drive yielded remarkable successes in the first half of 2023. Being the lead agency at the Port, the Enforcement Unit coordinated several anti-smuggling activities in synergy with other critical stakeholders in the trade value chain.

    “The synergy led to the arrest of a total of 1442 Packets of Colorado Indica with a combined weight of 519.45kg extracted during 100% joint physical examination of eight (8) containers.

    “The total street value according to NDLEA sources is N721,000,000.00. The means of conveyance in these cases, with the substance and two (2) suspects were handed over to NDLEA in strict compliance with the Service Headquarters’ directive.

    Comptroller Oloyede emphasized that the command maintains a strict policy of zero tolerance towards the importation of illicit goods, including drugs, arms, and ammunition. He further stated that the driving force behind this stance is the mandate from the Service and the commitment to protect Nigerian society.

    “We have continually put in proactive measures aimed at keeping our frontiers free from illicit and illegitimate trade,” he noted.

    In the meantime, the Area Controller expressed warm congratulations to the Service for a recent seamless transition. The Area Controller also extended sincere appreciation to the Comptroller-General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi and his management team for their unwavering support, which has been instrumental in ensuring the Command’s success and efficiency.

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