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    THE RAPID UNRAVELING OF SUDAN: A Closer Look by Samson Ajibade

    ByHybrid Communications

    Aug 20, 2023

    In my view, it’s essential not to dismiss the potential role of foreign influence in any act of terrorism.

    When global superpowers extend their assistance, their self-interests inevitably take precedence.

    I am inclined to delve into the root causes of this turmoil.

    Following his three-decade rule, Omar al-Bashir initiated a course of action that would render the nation ungovernable.

    Nepotism and tribalism within the armed forces. Was he not instrumental in establishing the RSF?

    For what purpose? Recognizing the autocratic nature of his regime, he sought an additional arm as potent as the State’s forces, given the growing public unrest and the inclination towards coups.

    Who masterminded and executed the unsuccessful coup in 2021? Presumably, his loyalists? Why?

    To thwart the emergence of terrorism, curbing foreign interference in domestic affairs is imperative.

    Despite claiming to be global peacekeepers, they permitted his three-decade rule. Did they originally support him?

    Their perception shifted only when he (Omar) turned excessively oppressive, attracting widespread condemnation and posing a threat. Did Gaddafi not enjoy Western favor? Their advocacy for democratic processes intensifies when their interests and aspirations are jeopardized.

    The Western powers may not welcome the resolution of conflicts in Africa. Who would purchase their weaponry then?

    The conflict boils down to The Government versus Omar, with the RSF entangled in the fray.

    Western powers have historically played a pivotal role in instigating coups across Africa. When situations spiral out of control, they withdraw, leaving Africans to grapple with the aftermath, often descending into civil war.

    Picture a scenario where nearly a hundred people are killed, over a thousand injured, and the UN’s response is confined to a press release, albeit accompanied by humanitarian aid.

    Should their economic interests be impacted, they would swiftly convene the Security Council.

    How does the rebel group secure its ammunition? Is Sudan self-sufficient in arms production?

    The vested interests of two influential nations contributing to the war in Sudan.

    What steps has the UN taken to foster democracy in Equatorial Guinea?

    The father assumes the role of president, while the offspring becomes the vice president.

    And the global powers maintain a conspicuous silence.

    Events abroad can have lethal repercussions within our borders. Ambassador John Negroponte’s words resonate strongly.

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