• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

    The Influence Of The Slow Death Of Entertainment, Sports On Nigerian Youths

    There is no doubt, the saying that “an idle mind is the devil workshop” is massive when when we try to diagnose the myriad of problem affecting our country and most especially it’s youthful population, as a matter of fact it has become endemic and if care not well taken the present situation might just be mild compare to the plaques that may be underway should necessary approach to stem the tides not administer.

    One particular area in which this country has failed it’s youths among many is in the area of sport and entertainment, the youth of this nation have been shortchanged when it comes to matters in regards, though it can be said that they are actually doing well in this field but that is myopic to some extent considering the abundant talents that we have but which cannot be cater for or accommodated.

    That is why we have several of our Nationals doing other nations of the world proud in this regard while we only enjoy claiming their successes which was originally not ours and didn’t officially belong to us most of this guy have resolved to taking their trade abroad after it was obvious there was no plan to get them  engage meaningfully in this clime.

    As a young lad way back in secondary school I remember how we are thought different sports and games then in our physical education class,sports like basketball, baseball, rugby, cricket,lawn tennis, gymnastics and many other sport both indoor and outdoor games,today apart from football and one or two games hardly is a place for the rest of sporting activities in this country and if physical education as a subject is popular in our school system I actually cannot say.

    Though this insensitivity is not only limited to our sport but it tentacles also spread to our entertainment sector as no meaningful government intervention can be detected there as well, meanwhile this is where we are expected to see significant youthful participation but when there is no provision and the enabling environment like infrastructure and facilities how can then optimise anything it is only the few who have the wellwithal that either carry out thier trade here one way or  the order or take to it out to other places where it can be well nurture and prune.

    If you ask me I will also need to ask even if I don’t know who to ask or hold responsible for this charade I wonder why we are been thought all the sport but we don’t have the facilities even the ones we have are left to dilapidate and abandon to ruin while it taking eternity to construct new ones.

    The entertainment industry on it’s own is not doing bad but thanks to some individuals who are to see what they can do to salvage the industry left for government there is no stake that be credited to it save for destroying the long standing reputation that the sector is known for through enactment of obnoxious rules that is stiffing the neck of practitioners and also creating unbaked professional as situation of anything goes is now the order events in the field.

    Both entertainment and sport would have be  a fervent weapon to suppress whatever exuberance in our youth had necessary steps taken regarding facilities and engagement of the youth but I guess for the kind of politics our leader from all shades love to play they have preferred engaging this youth in meaningless venture that suit their selfish interest more than things that add value to them…..to be continued.

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