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Sterling One Foundation collaborates with United Nations to organize Africa Social Impact Summit

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Jul 3, 2023

Sterling One Foundation has announced its collaboration with the United Nations to host the Africa Social Impact Summit (ASIS) 2023 in August.

The significant event, scheduled to take place on August 10-11 at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos, aims to bring together influential figures in the field of African development.

Among the attendees will be corporate executives, impact investors, and development experts from various United Nations (UN) bodies and donor agencies, as highlighted by Mrs. Olapeju Ibekwe, the CEO of Sterling One Foundation.

The event will also see the participation of leaders from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), heads of government parastatals, international investors, private equity firms, and individuals from the general public who have made substantial investments in the advancement and prosperity of Africans, according to Mrs. Ibekwe.

Mrs. Ibekwe explained, “The Africa Social Impact Summit, is Sterling One Foundation’s flagship platform that collaboratively brings together all players in the African development space to share ideas, learnings, and plans to ensure the holistic achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030 and Agenda 2063).”

She provided an explanation that ASIS has a primary focus on creating a suitable environment for various social impact players to engage in practical discussions regarding the challenges faced by the continent. These challenges encompass a wide range of sectors including climate action, circular economy, health, education, youth empowerment, renewable energy, and others.

According to her, the goal of this year’s summit is to consolidate the agreed-upon solutions into a comprehensive approach that has the potential to create long-term impact on the continent. This approach aims to generate more opportunities for a larger number of people and ensure equitable access for all individuals.

In relation to the partnership, Mr. Matthias Schmale, the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations in Nigeria, expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm. He emphasized that convening the Africa Social Impact Summit is both timely and highly relevant.

Mr. Schmale stated that given the ongoing pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and the negative socio-economic consequences of these crises on the global 2030 Development Agenda, it is more urgent than ever to safeguard the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and accelerate their achievement in Nigeria and across the continent.

He further highlighted that the Africa Social Impact Summit provides an excellent platform for key development stakeholders within the country and across the continent to collaborate and find common solutions that transcend borders.

Aside the panel discussions, the Summit will feature a deal room where innovative entrepreneurs can present their ideas to a select group of impact investors. This opportunity aims to secure new investments for their businesses, allowing them to deepen their impact and scale their sustainable solutions.

The Sterling One Foundation serves as a catalyst for positive social impact in critical sectors of the economy. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Africa and the necessity for progressive change, the foundation is dedicated to becoming a benchmark for positive social impact in Nigeria. Its main focus lies in creating sustainable solutions for youth empowerment and job creation within impactful sectors.

The United Nations, established in 1945, is an international organization that currently consists of 193 Member States. Guided by the purposes and principles outlined in its founding Charter, the UN engages in a wide range of activities including development efforts, global peace promotion, and assistance to governments and their citizens in overcoming humanitarian challenges.

Those interested in attending the summit can register at www.theimpactsummit.org.

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