• Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

    Stephanie-John Deserves 2022 BrandComm’ PR Emerging Agency Award – Founder

    Ms. Uche Ajene, Founder and Managing Director, Stephanie John and Associates, a public relations firm, says receiving the 2022 ‘Emerging Public Relations Agency’ Award from BrandComm, is reward for hard work.

    Stephanie -John received the award on Nov. 24. Stephanie-John is a solutions PR firm that supports businesses and products.

    Ajene on Saturday in Lagos said that the award opened endless opportunities for the firm.

    “It feels good to be recognised, because people are beginning to know our name and look out for the campaigns we do, it feels like we have started penetrating the market.

    “This award brings visibility to the company, this is an opportunity to be heard, It also brings acknowledgement, to be able to get like a nod from people saying, yes we see what you are doing.

    “This also transcribes to other people who maybe curious to make them go and check us out, and see what we are doing. It is good to see the visibility. If you are getting awards, it’s almost like a testimonial of a good job done,” she said.

    She said Stephanie -John and Associates, remained a unique PR and strategic communications agency, driven by human experience.

    “The service and excellent work we do speak for us, and understanding the industry through strategic approach.

    ”Besides our service, we are excellent, agile and hands-on, we have a good team and recruiting very experienced hands for the job.

    “We intend to do a 360 cross training approach with the team, and by the time they go to see a client, their confidence level is very high.

    “Besides, I have an open door policy, I am not a micro manager. Every worker has direct access to my office to relate with me. We ensure that you are confident enough when you go  to meet a client,“ she added.

    She stressed that Stephanie -John PR tells stories that connect with humanity.

    “We see communication as the ultimate support to a business. Whether it is the product or the corporate world itself.

    “We see ourselves being able to have different organisations that are all in the space of supporting businesses. I see Stephanie -John growing in resources, PR, digital and media“ she said.

    The Brandcom Award series is conceived with the notion of celebrating the exploits and achievements of brands, agencies, and notable players that has gone the extra mile in making an impact in the industry.

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