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Stephanie-John Deserves 2022 BrandComm’ PR Emerging Agency Award – Founder


Dec 12, 2022

Ms Uche Ajene, Founder and Managing Director of Stephanie John & Associates, a Public Relations firm based in Lagos, has broken her silence on the firm’s recognition as the Emerging Public Relations Agency of the year at the recently concluded Brandcom Awards.

Speaking in Lagos on Saturday, December 3, 2022, Ms Ajene stated that the Brandcom award is a reward for the firm’s effort at delivering on its promises to its teeming clients as well as contributing meaningfully to the growth of the industry.

According to the Communications expert, this feat, which comes after the firm emerged as the Outstanding Young PR Agency of the Year at the Marketing Edge Awards in September, is a testament to the fact that SJ is changing the face of PR in Nigeria and rewarding clients for their trust.

Sparing no words in describing the implication of the recognition on the firm, Ajene said, “We are not your regular agency and this latest recognition has proven that. This honour also shows that we are beginning to penetrate the market.

“The Brandcom award brings us the visibility and opportunity to be heard across every sector as well as acknowledgement from key players in the industry. It is an indication that people are seeing our exploits and they are eager to associate with us.

“More than ever, this recognition has sparked curiosity among people and they are keen to see what else we have got to offer. But again, the visibility we are getting is good for us. If you are getting back-to-back awards, it is a testimony of a great job done.”

Ajene, who noted that Stephanie John & Associates remains a unique PR and Strategic Communications agency that is focused on delivering the Human Experience, said, “The services and excellent work we have delivered since inception speak for us in more ways than one. The reward shows that we have a broad understanding of the industry.

“Besides this, we are excellent, agile, and hands-on. We have a brilliant team and this is because we recruit very experienced hands for the job.

“As part of our drive to ensure that we stay current with industry trends, and relevant, we do a 360-cross-training approach with the team so that when they interface with clients, their confidence level is topnotch.

“At Stephanie John & Associates, we have an open-door policy; I am not a micromanager. Every worker has direct access to my office to relate with me. This adds to building the confidence of the team and puts us on the front foot every step of the way.

On Stephanie John & Associates’ drive to continually tell stories that connect with humanity, Ms Ajene added, “We see communication as the ultimate support to a business. Whether it is the product or the corporate. We are keen on brand storytelling because we know that this is one sure way to ultimately endear your target audience to your brand.

Speaking on the future of Stephanie John & Associates, the Communications guru added, “I see Stephanie John & Associates growing in leaps and bounds. As far as this industry is concerned, we are growing on all fronts and we are stopping at nothing till we achieve this; you can take my words for it.”

The Brandcom Awards celebrates the exploits and achievements of brands, agencies, and key players who are making an impact in the industry.

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