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Stakeholders In Onitsha South Protest Transfer Of Garba, Former DPO, Fegge

ByHybrid News

Aug 30, 2023

The sudden relocation of CSP Rabiu Garba, the former Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Fegge Police Station, has been criticized by the stakeholders in Onitsha South Local Government Area, Anambra State.

The stakeholders stated in a statement that they would miss Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Rabui Garba, who has served as the DPO of Fegge Police Station for the past nine years.

The stakeholders claimed that since Garba’s arrival in February 2014, nine years ago, he has been successful in bringing the people of Onitsha South together in a statement that was signed by the High Chief, Dede Uzor A Uzor, and Mazi Chika Udemadu Chika.

They claimed he stopped crime, upheld the peace, and brought it to an end.

“He recovered dangerous weapons including Ak-47 among the other weapons of death.

He attracted huge developmental projects to the Division which include a borehole with an overhead tank water reservoir donated by Transglob Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

He turned around Fegge Police Station.

He also constructed offices for officers in different departments.

Garba built fence, mosque, church, and recreation facilities for young people, especially Lawn Tennis department”, said the stakeholders.

The stakeholders stated that Garba built a fence, mosque, chapel, and entertainment centers for young people, particularly the Lawn Tennis Department.

The construction of a six-room building to house recently transferred police officers who always found it difficult to find housing, the provision of a large Mikaino generating set, and winning the Interface Hero award for three years in a row, which earned him a variety of Hilux Vans that he later donated to the Division, were also listed as some of Garba’s major accomplishments.

The Stakeholders claimed that Garba had received over 1050 accolades in all and had an open door policy when he was in Fegge, making him approachable to people.

They claimed that Garba was well known for supporting less fortunate people of society with his pay. An excellent philanthropist. He is sorely missed.

We implore the new DPO CSP Ifeanyi Ibure, the youngest CSP, to follow in his footsteps and work to ensure the safety of the residents of Onitsha South, including implementing the bail is free policy that Garba first proposed.

We implore the new DPO to continue CSP Rabui Garba’s open-door approach rather than prohibiting cell phone use at the station gate.

The stakeholders stated, “We also reassure him of our adequate assistance.

The stakeholders praised the CP Aderemi Adeoye for selecting another officer with a vision, like Ibure, to Fegge while Garba took from Ibure at CPS Onitsha.

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