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Soludo Urges Ndi-Anambra In Lagos To Prioritize Investments In Anambra For Mutual Benefit


Jun 23, 2023

Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, has strongly encouraged Ndi Anambra residents residing in Lagos to consider investing in Anambra State, emphasizing that it would greatly benefit them.

Speaking at a town hall meeting with the Anambra community in Lagos, the Governor highlighted the remarkable progress achieved by his administration during his first year in office.

In his address, Governor Soludo adopted a philosophical approach, affirming that being Onye Anambra (a person from Anambra) was not a mistake, but a purposeful design by God. He urged the audience to deeply reflect on this notion and actively contribute to the state’s development.

“This is the same question I ask myself everyday. And we have a responsibility to leave Anambra State better than we met”; the Governor noted.

He stressed the importance of transforming Anambra State from a mere departure lounge to an attractive destination. He emphasized the need to instill a sense of homeland consciousness in the minds of every resident of Anambra, urging them to embrace their identity as proud indigenes.

“Your host will never respect you if you don’t have a livable and prosperous homeland”. Governor Soludo noted.

Addressing the audience, Governor Soludo emphasized the turbulent nature of Onitsha while assuring them of his government’s unwavering commitment to revive the city and restore its former glory as the foremost commercial hub in the South East region and beyond.

Regarding security concerns, the Governor affirmed that his administration has significantly curbed the menace of killings and kidnappings through the implementation of robust security measures. He lauded the Army, Navy, Police, State Vigilante Group, and other paramilitary agencies for their resolute efforts in contributing to the achieved successes.

Furthermore, Governor Soludo stressed that establishing law and order is of utmost importance, assuring the audience that his government has made significant strides in restoring lawfulness compared to the previous era of rampant impunity prior to his tenure. He also pledged the initiation of additional road construction projects to supplement the already commenced 300 kilometers of roads that are currently in progress.

To address the power supply in the state, Governor Soludo announced that his government recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company) to ensure 24-hour electricity supply. Additionally, he extended an invitation to individuals interested in collaborating with the government to establish an Independent Power Plant in the state.

In terms of transportation, the Governor assured the audience that his administration is actively working towards the implementation of both light and sky rail systems to enhance the state’s transportation infrastructure.

In the areas of health and education, Governor Soludo provided reassurance that substantial investments are being made in human capital. He highlighted the recent employment of 5,000 teachers and over 300 medical personnel, effectively ending the distressing era of understaffed schools and hospitals lacking doctors and nurses.

The Governor expressed his deep concern over the devastating effects of gully erosion and flooding that have been afflicting the state. He reassured the public that significant measures are being taken to effectively address this issue.

During his address, he announced the upcoming Anambra Investment Summit scheduled for September this year. He encouraged all business-minded individuals in Anambra to participate in this global event. He emphasized that the summit would primarily focus on finalizing deals and signing agreements, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with the international community.

“Anambra is loading and the options are open.” Governor Soludo further reassured.
In conclusion, Governor Soludo made a heartfelt plea to the people of Anambra, urging them to embrace a strong sense of belonging to their homeland and to fulfill their civic duty by paying their taxes to the state, regardless of their current place of residence or work. He emphasized that this is the most effective way for individuals to contribute to the development of the state.

During the event, several individuals praised the Governor for his remarkable dedication and perseverance in transforming the state. The occasion was graced by prominent businessmen and women from Anambra as well as members of the State Executive Council.

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