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Smile Communications Launches “Spot Snap & Share” Campaign For Engaging Online Experience

ByHybrid News

Dec 29, 2023

Smile Communications, a renowned telecommunications provider, has unveiled a captivating online engagement initiative titled “Spot Snap and Share,” inviting participants to embark on an exciting visual journey across Smile’s various locations in Nigeria.

The campaign seeks to foster community engagement and fun while encouraging participants to explore Smile shops across designated locations in Nigeria. Participants are encouraged to capture the essence of these locations by taking snapshots of Smile shops and sharing their experiences on social media platforms for a chance to win instant rewards.

**How It Works:**
Participants are invited to spot any Smile shop within the specified locations where Smile operates across Nigeria.
Once a Smile shop is spotted, participants are encouraged to capture a picture of the shop, showcasing its unique features or surroundings.
The captured moment should then be shared on their social media profiles, tagging Smile on any of the company’s official social media platforms to be eligible for rewards.

**Instant Rewards:**
The first accurate picture of any Smile outlet across the specified locations during the campaign period will receive an instant reward of 5GB of data. The process is streamlined and automated, ensuring a swift and enjoyable experience for all participants.

**Campaign Period:**
The “Spot Snap and Share” campaign is currently ongoing and will continue until the 31st of December 2023.

**Let the Fun Begin:**
Smile Communications warmly invites everyone to join in the excitement and partake in this visual journey across their various locations in Nigeria. The campaign aims not only to create a sense of camaraderie but also to provide a fun and interactive experience for participants.

For more information about the “Spot Snap and Share” engagement, individuals are encouraged to visit www.smile.com.ng or contact customer care on 07020444444.

Smile Communications remains dedicated to fostering interactive engagements while offering rewarding experiences to its esteemed customers and participants alike.

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