SEN DR IFEANYI UBAH: Proof That Governance and Grassroots Can Get Along


The antecedents of Government office holders in Anambra State and Nigeria, had cast a very horrible perception about politics and politicians among the citizenry particularly at the grassroots who are used to loads of unkept promises and intentional neglect.

However, since 2019, His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah who represents Anambra South in the National Assembly has broken every jinx inhibiting the cordial relationship between Government and Grassroots through deliberate provision of dividends of democracy, activation of promises made, attraction of empowerment schemes and detailed public display of his report card regularly.

These actions have demystified Governance and show that with the right persons who are empathic and have the best welfare of the people in their hearts, even the grassroots can enjoy quality way of life, obtainable in the urban areas of the State. With the provision of roads, houses, street lighting, start up capitals, palliatives of all kinds and scholarships, Ikemba Igbonine has impacted on Ndi Anambra so much, that all over the State, people appreciate him for his quality representation.

It all came to the fore during the Declaration/Thank You Tour which saw every Local Government Area of Anambra State including places like Aguleri, not only turn out en masse to welcome and endorse Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, they also went the extra mile of turning it into a mini cultural carnival where all masquerades and dance troops peculiar to each LGA were put on display as a clear sign of acceptance, gratitude and pride for Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah.

At a time when people are apprehensive about stepping foot through their front door, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah received a Presidential welcome everywhere he went from men, women, boys, girls and children of all ages, who admire, encouraged and appreciated Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah for all he has done for humanity and Ndi Anambra, whilst voicing their delight that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah will replicate same feat and more, using the instruments of power as the Governor.

Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is the People’s Governor and Ndi Anambra will make it official on the 6th of November because actions speak louder than words and thus far, Ndi Anambra through their active participation and reception of the Declaration/Thank You Tour of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, have made it clear that they will stand by only him, now and always.