SEME CUSTOMS: Comptroller Bello Jibo Decorates 67 Newly Promoted Senior Officers


Seme Customs Command of the Nigeria Customs Service On Tuesday decorated 67 newly promoted officers with they new ranks and admonished them to put in their best and justify their new ranks, adding that the reward for hard work is more work.

He further stated that the aspiration of every officer is to reach the peak of his/her carrier, but this cannot go without hard work, dedication, discipline and high level of integrity in the Service.

“Your actions now are expected to be more proactive. Simple mistakes will not be tolerated. Some of you have entered the Management level, so there are certain things that you have to do away with since you have this promotion,

“Though Promotion comes from God, when you are uplifted, it means that they want you to show more commitments to the Service”

For those who are not promoted, it doesn’t mean the newly promoted Officers are better than you, but remember that promotion only comes from God.

“If you don’t get today, it does not mean that you won’t get tomorrow”

“It is through synergy that we would protect ourselves, assist the government and our lives would be better, lack of synergy brings down an empire, but with synergy we would continue to blossom” he stated.

According to the list of promotion exercise released recently by the Customs Management Team, for the Seme Command alone, 2 new Comptrollers, 2 Deputy Comptrollers, 3 Assistant Comptrollers, 3 Chief Superintendent of Customs, 10 Superintendent of Customs, to Assistant Comptrollers, 29 Deputy Superintendent of Customs, 12 Assistant Superintendent of Customs I, and 5 Assistant Superintendent of Customs II.

In his remarks, the newly promoted Deputy Comptroller Steve Okonmah who spoke on behalf of the promoted officers, thanked the Management Team and Customs Board for finding them worthy of promotion and pledged to live up to their responsibilities and put in their best to move the Service forward for giving them the privileges and opportunity to secure promotion in the Service.

Okonmah noted that the basis of the promotion isn’t just knowledge, but other indices such as capacity, human relations, ability to contribute to the work environment.

“It is not that I’m far better than others, but I’ve always been someone who adds value at every level throughout my work in the Service.

Okonmah said “promotion improves the morale of officers, stimulates efficiency and provides advancement to deserving officers, he equally urged the newly promoted officers to stand their grounds to improve and not to disappoint themselves and the Customs Management Team.

“Thank God for the Nigeria Customs Service of today because this kind of promotion is based on merit, you must go through series of exams, from assessment of your performance to written exams, at the end of the day, your mark would earn you either to be promoted or not to be promoted.

“Professionalism has been enthroned in the service beyond geographical considerations” DC Okonmah noted.

On his part, the officer in charge of Customs Intelligence Unit, who was equally promoted to the rank of an Assistant Comptroller, stated that the rank is not an easy rank to obtain.

“We have gone through a lot of rigorous exercise, normally, you have to write a written examination, then you have a computer based test, after that you go for a theorical aspect of it, after then they are some other parameters that come into place”

Then your experience and all this count in the promotion for the next rank. “You know it’s not easy because we are about 500 Candidates that sat for the Promotion Examination but only 113 were promoted”

“The leadership of Nigerian Customs Service under Col Hammed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) having been dogged to see that the Board has approved the promotion and appointments of officers we thank God and expressed our gratitude to the Management Team.

In any position as the Officer in Charge of CIU, we will have challenges but what matters is your ability to calm down, and see those challenges and face them in accordance the way they came and that’s why knowledge is key, knowledge solves all challenging issues and that’s why even the present Management is emphasizing on capacity building, officers should be trained and be re-trained with knowledge, all challenges will be solve. The promotion procedures that is being witness in Nigeria Customs now is purely based on merit if you can not pass examination you can hardly be promoted.

Also speaking during the decorations, ANLCA Seme Chapter Chairman, Alhaji Lasisi Fanu Bisiriyu, who charged the newly promoted officers to discharge their duties diligently, and not to see their promotions as an opportunity to show lip services.

“And they have been given the right advice that they should know that they are been saddle with a higher responsibility better than what they had before. So they should keep it up, they shouldn’t disgrace the system I believe and Controller, Comptroller Jibo being a discipline Officer would not allow any of his officers to just mess up around”

“On the revenue generation of the Service concerning Seme Command, the border has been closed, actually with a lot of regulations here and there, you know change is a constant thing we have, and since this regulation came up, definitely stakeholders will find some aspects of it very difficult. But they are queuing in until they probably key in, then the revenue will shoot up very very high. But meanwhile now, one bottleneck or the other is still not allowing the revenue to shoot up”

Charging officers, he said “Once you are promoted to the next rank, you have to change your behaviour and your etiquette, you are now a new person in a new environment with a new rank, you have to perform your work diligently

“It is important that whatever schedule or duty you have been given, you have to work hard, because, for those of you who have been promoted, Glory be to God because promotion is from God through your hard work.

“Those of you who were not promoted should take cue and understand that you have to redouble your efforts and increase your speed before the next election which is just in two months”

Furthermore, Hussaini Abdullahi Onawo, the Public Relations Officer of the Command was not left out as he was promoted to Deputy Superintendent of Customs Rank.

Hussaini described the promotion of the 67 officers of the Seme Command as a reflection of true leadership provided by the Area Controller, Comptroller Bello Jibo.

In addition, Comptroller Bello Jibo admonished the newly promoted officers to cultivate and exhibit the virtues of hard work, diligence and professionalism.

“You must be dedicated to duty because only these could see you through. I must say that your promotion is well-deserved and so we are proud of your success and on behalf of the Comptroller General and the entire Management Team, I congratulate you all”, Jibo concluded.

The Seme Customs Area Command Controller, Comptroller Bello Jibo commended the Comptroller General of Customs, Col Hameed Ali (Rtd) for making promotion exercise in the Service based on merit, professionalism, and not on geographical considerations.

Comptroller Jibo also charged the officers to work in harmony with other government agencies, saying that none of the officers should be economical with information and intelligence sharing.

“We would improve and continue on this collaboration, and we would make sure that what we are talking about is Nigeria, sharing of information, synergy, collaboration in every aspect.

Jibo charged the promoted officers to co-habitate with other agencies on the field, and among themselves. He urged them to work harder, knowing that this is not the end to promotion in their carriers.

In attendance during the decorations were Comptroller of Immigration, Officials from the NAFDAC, the Officer in charge of Port Health Services (PHS) Seme Border and other Stakeholders.