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    SCHOOL RESUMPTION: Parents Laments As Proprietors Hike Fees, Textbooks, Uniforms In Anambra

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    Sep 19, 2022

    In the face of the current economic hardship, reports that there is an increased cost of textbooks, uniforms, sports wear and others among schools.

    As primary and secondary schools across the Nation resume for the 2022/2023 academic session, parents are lamenting the decision of many school owners to hike the fees payable by each pupil.

    In most schools, parents complain that they are not allowed to get the books or uniforms elsewhere, rather they are mandated to buy same from the schools immediately the pupils resume.

    Parents and guardians, who spoke with journalists, said they were contemplating changing their children’s schools because of their inability to raise the school fees charged.

    There are some who maintained they may take “the worst decision” by taking their wards to government-owned schools, saying they (the parents) also attended public schools.

    “I am just coming from my son’s school he is in Primary 2. They told me that the books he would buy is N30,000 and we are to buy from the school at once. That’s too much. The school fee has also been increased from N15,000 to N28,000. It seems these proprietors are not considering the nation’s economic situation at all

    “I don’t know if he will resume school on Monday. I may consider taking him to an affordable one or worst still, to a good public school,”.

    Mrs Ezewuzie a civil servant said parents were the ones to decide what is affordable for them, saying he would never be forced by any school to buy textbooks from it.

    According to her, parents should be given the list of books and should be allowed to buy the books anywhere they want.

    Ezewuzie posited that “selling textbooks is not anything wrong, but it must not be done to extort the poor parents.”

    “I can’t take my wards to schools where we’ll pay through our noses. Those proprietors are not showing mercy at all. I will first of all ask questions before enrolling my children in any school.

    Meanwhile, some schools have warned parents not to bother bringing their children for resumption if they are yet to pay the recommended fees.

    Meanwhile, the Proprietor and Principal of Elshadi Academy Mrs Okechukwu Chinyere, has said the increase in school fees should not be blamed on school owners.

    Okechukwu said private schools were meant for those who can afford it, asking the government to reform public schools.

    She said most proprietors obtain loans in order to meet up with standards, saying the economy is not friendly with proprietors too.

    Our major challenge is funding. School business is a serious business that requires much financial involvement. In order for us to meet up, we go into loans with exorbitant interest rates. All these are done to be able to fit into the business appropriately. Another angle is manpower. Many are not ready to teach as they prefer other self-sustaining jobs to teaching she said.

    Asked if these were the reasons parents were being extorted by schools, she retorted: “We are not extorting parents. What happened is that the high cost of production of educational materials as a result of foreign exchange is not helping the schools. As for the uniforms, schools are trying their best to package their business and those attires and packages being introduced make them special and different from their peers. Whoever says education is too expensive should try ignorance.

    Parents should not enroll their children in schools based on status or popularity of the school, but rather on what they can afford,”she submitted.
    Source:Kenechukwu Onyekwuluje

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