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SAM DADDY’S NOMINATION: Is This The End Of The Road For Ihedioha In Politics – Chinedu Asuzu

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Oct 19, 2021

This piece is a rejoinder to a writeup by one Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, who is a paid media urchin of the Uzodimma-led government. As a prefatory point, let me state that Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is a sound student of Albert Einstein’s proposal that “if the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

In this wise, I had to undertake the sacred task of laying bare the facts and to make straight the crooked tales dished out from the unholy stables of Nwaogwugwu and his comrades in the art of deceitfulness.

Albeit, it never occurred to me that I would have to write this rejoinder, since it is not in my usual character and principles to do so or reply junks laden with falsehoods, which are subtly cocooned in verbosity, thrown to the public place by paid apologists or media goons of politicians whose stocks-in-trades are mostly fishing in troubled waters, or stoking troubles and seeking reactions so as to be seen by their paymasters as working, in order to be appreciated or patted at the back by their principals.

Notwithstanding the above, this particular article moved me enough to react to it because from all intent and purposes it is obvious that the uninformed writer lacked the locus and proper information necessary to guide him into making an informed analysis on the development in the PDP as it regards party leadership at the national level, for which he has already made vox paus, hence the need to square him up, educate his palpable ignorance and situate him properly. This is more so as he is an official of the Government of Imo State.

Firstly, the claim by the young man to the effect that the purported nomination of Sen Samuel Anyanwu as National Secretary of the People’s Democratic could be the end of the road for the gubernatorial ambitions of former people’s governor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, and Distinguished Senator Onyewuchi, smacks of one suffering from acute delusion, because the writer seems to be confusing the nature of politics being played in the APC which he speaks for to the PDP which he knows next to nothing about, judging by his uncoordinated analysis.

On a wide guess occasioned by a second thought, let us assume as postulated by the ignorant writer even though we do not concede that indeed Sen Samuel Anyanwu eventually emerged as the National Secretary of the PDP, I can authoritatively say that it will be a welcome development and a plus to the Imo PDP. How then is the gain of a comrade in the struggle of rescuing Imo from the present servitude a threat to the gubernatorial or senatorial ambitions of other comrades? Any keen mind will ask, on what reasoning did the writer base his unwholesome conclusion in his almost mischievous style that Ihedioha or Onyewuchi will suffer a loss by Anyanwu’s gain? Is it not rather unimpeachable that by attaining such a juicy position, the former distinguished senator and former gubernatorial aspirant will urge on his comrades to consolidate on their collective gains and bring home the laurels that comes with politics. PDP, unlike the APC, is one large family, and no grouse goes to the bones.

It is necessary to state without mincing words that Ihedioha, who is a former governor of Imo State and a former Deputy Speaker house of Representatives, is not a political neophyte by any guise. This is more so in the PDP, where it is not wrong to say that he is not one that could be said to be outside the engine room of operations being a member of the BOT, which qualifies him as a NEC member of the PDP. Every party man understands that by the above stated attainments and positions, Ihedioha by these exclusive preserves is privy to important matters of the PDP at the highest levels. As such, threatening him with the position of a member of the NWC is not only insulting but roundly demeaning, hence I unequivocally equate the paid writer to being a meddlesome interloper of no proper grading or consequence.

Inarguably, I make bold to state this fact without fear of contradictions, as I am a leader in the PDP who is in the full grasp of the strength and reach of those involved, and the fact that they are no push overs in the affairs of the PDP, both at the state or national levels. May I further state that it is therefore only but a drunken view of a rabble rouser to make insidious propositions to the contrary, or attempt at fishing for troubles where none exists.

Let it be clear that there are wide range of consultations and ongoing brainstorming by the leaders of the PDP of southeast extraction towards properly and equitably sharing the positions ceded to the zone by the party and until this important negotiations, consultations and mutual deliberations are done with, the issue of who gets what is as good as not settled with.

The PDP as an organized political party, unlike some cut and join political parties, will, following a concrete and harmonized agreement among the leaders, issue an official press release or conference to intimate party faithfuls and the general public of the final resolutions. Until such release is issued, we are encouraged not to harken to the views of jobless writers whose stock in trade is conjuring and concocting falsehoods in their quest to grab cheap bravado, seek undue attention and maintain their notorious relevance at the public space.

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