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Rivers Police Command Arrests 13 Officers Over Indecent Dressing, Assures Justice For Slain DPO SP Bako

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Dec 4, 2023

The Rivers State Police Command, led by Commissioner Olatunji Disu, executed a decisive move, apprehending thirteen officers for indecent dressing during routine patrol operations. This crackdown, conducted by the Monitoring Unit across various zones, signifies a concerted effort to stamp out such behavior within the command.

Commissioner Disu emphasized that the detained officers are part of ongoing measures to eliminate unprofessional conduct within the force. He also affirmed that the superiors of the respective units or divisions where the arrested officers serve will share in the responsibility for their subordinates’ actions. Presently, the arrested officers are in custody pending further investigations.

In a notable assurance, CP Disu addressed the tragic demise of SP Bako Angbashim, the late Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ahoada Police Division, assuring the public that justice will prevail. The slain DPO fell victim to suspected Iceland cult members, reportedly led by Gift David, alias 2Baba.

During a radio program organized by the Force Public Relations department in Abuja and monitored in Port Harcourt, CP Disu expressed gratitude for the public’s concern regarding SP Angbashim’s murder. He revealed ongoing engagements with Ahoada stakeholders as part of the quest for justice.

Reflecting on his vision for the command, CP Disu underscored the imperative of an efficient and community-oriented police force. “As Police, we cannot thrive without collaboration and support from the public,” he stressed. He emphasized fostering partnerships and reminded officers, especially in the traffic section, of the significance of courteous interactions with civilians.

Acknowledging the looming security threats tied to the year-end period, CP Disu outlined proactive measures to counter potential upsurges in criminal activities. He highlighted heightened security along all command access points and announced strategic efforts targeting known black spots via meaningful raids, complemented by undercover detective deployments to gather crucial intelligence.

Regarding accountability and human rights, CP Disu disclosed recent changes in personnel overseeing the CP X-squad, reaffirming his commitment to promptly address public complaints against officers. He urged citizens to report any grievances, emphasizing that their feedback is crucial in maintaining a professional and responsible police force.

Responding to concerns raised about cultism in the Bori axis of Khana LGA, the Police Chief pledged immediate dialogue with the Anti-cultism Unit to address reported issues and ensure adherence to correct procedures.

The Rivers Police Command, under CP Disu’s leadership, appears resolute in enforcing discipline within its ranks while striving for community trust and collaborative security measures.

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