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PSC Urges Overhaul Of Special Police Constabulary, Demands Uniform Differentiation, Disbandment In Unpaid States


Dec 28, 2023

In a proactive move, the Police Service Commission has voiced profound concerns regarding the structure and activities of the nationwide Special Police Constabulary. The Commission has expressed discontent with the organization’s current operations, calling for an immediate overhaul.

Amidst mounting reports of unprofessional conduct among officers, this quasi Police formation established to aid in community policing has drawn severe criticism. Instances of alleged high-handedness towards citizens and rampant extortion incidents along roads and within communities have surfaced, prompting the Commission’s demand for action.

The Commission has called for a distinctive uniform design for Constabulary Officers, clearly differentiating them from regular Police Officers. This differentiation aims to facilitate accurate monitoring of the outfit’s conduct and absolve the Nigeria Police Force of blame associated with the misbehavior of Constabulary personnel.

Moreover, the Commission advocates for the disbandment of the Constabulary in states where officers are not receiving salaries or adequate compensation. Labeling the practice of arming individuals without financial remuneration as perilous, the Commission highlighted the outfit’s alleged coercion of innocent citizens for sustenance.

Dr. Solomon Arase, the Commission’s Chairman and retired Inspector General of Police, stressed the urgent need to delineate the Special Constabulary’s identity from regular Police Officers. He emphasized the necessity to define their operations, including distinct uniforms and rules of engagement.

The Commission pledges to collaborate closely with the Nigeria Police Force’s leadership to restructure and streamline the Special Police Constabulary. This initiative aims to enhance the outfit’s operations, ensuring clarity in their role while addressing concerns of alleged misconduct and extortion.

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