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Prophet Godwin Ikuru Calls For Nationwide Introspection And Unity To Combat Insecurity


Jun 17, 2024

In a powerful and heartfelt message during the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations, Prophet Godwin Ikuru, a prominent figure in the Prophetic Hall of Fame, urged all Nigerians to engage in self-reflection and dialogue as a means to address the growing insecurity in the country. His call extends to individuals, families, and communities, emphasizing that collective effort is crucial for Nigeria’s progress.

A Call for Self-Reflection and Dialogue

Prophet Ikuru highlighted the importance of introspection and communication among all Nigerians. He stressed that addressing the root causes of insecurity requires every individual to examine their actions and attitudes. “We need to talk to ourselves—parents, husbands, wives, and children—to understand our roles in fostering a secure environment,” he said.

Security as a Foundation for Development

In his message, Prophet Ikuru underscored the direct link between security and national development. He asserted that Nigeria’s progress is contingent upon creating a safe and secure environment. “The country can only move forward in terms of development if it is safe and secure,” he declared, urging all citizens to contribute to this goal.

Appeal to Security Agencies

Recognizing the vital role of security forces, Prophet Ikuru called on these agencies to intensify their efforts in combating the prevalent issues of killings, banditry, and kidnapping. He emphasized that enhanced vigilance and strategic operations are necessary to restore peace and stability across the nation. “We need our security agencies to gear up their efforts and put an end to these incessant threats to our safety,” he stated.

Embracing Love and Unity

Prophet Ikuru’s message also resonated with the spirit of Eid-el-Kabir, a season characterized by love and generosity. He urged Nigerians to let love lead their actions, fostering an environment of compassion and unity. “This season is the season of love and sharing gifts, so let love lead all over the country,” he encouraged.

Moving Forward

The prophet’s message is a clarion call for unity and proactive measures against insecurity. By fostering dialogue, strengthening security measures, and embracing love, Nigerians can work together to build a safer and more prosperous nation. Prophet Ikuru’s words serve as a reminder that collective action and a united front are essential in overcoming the challenges of insecurity.

As Nigeria celebrates Eid-el-Kabir, the prophet’s message resonates deeply, offering a path forward based on introspection, solidarity, and unwavering commitment to national security.

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