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    Police Service Commission Clarifies Status Of Kano Special Constabulary, Says Backed By Law

    ByHybrid Communications

    Oct 20, 2023

    The Police Service Commission has issued a press release to address the recent developments related to the Kano Special Constabulary, particularly in regard to the recruitment of a repentant criminal into their ranks.

    According to an official statement signed by the Commission’s Head, Press and Public Relations, Ikechukwu Ani made it unequivocally clear that the Special Constabulary members are not considered police officers and are not officially recognized as such by the Commission or the government.

    However, the Commission acknowledged that the operations of the Constabulary are in line with the provisions of the Police Act, and they play a vital role, especially in the current nationwide efforts to combat criminal activities.

    “The Police Service Commission is actively engaged with the Kano State Police Command and is aware that the Constabulary is being used to support the police in establishing a secure and crime-free environment within Kano State.

    “The Constabulary members are strategically stationed in their respective localities, where they can effectively contribute to identifying and eliminating criminals that are causing unrest in their areas.

    “Furthermore, it has come to the Commission’s attention that some influential youths, previously involved in political thuggery, have voluntarily decided to assist in maintaining law and order. These individuals have realized that a life of crime is not profitable and are committed to helping create a crime-free state.

    “The Kano Special Constabulary has undergone proper training and is operating within the guidelines of the law, with strict supervision by the State Police Command. Their primary objective is to enhance visibility and support the sustainable peace, economic growth, and development of the state” the statement noted.

    Former Inspector General of Police and Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Solomon Arase CFR emphasized the Commission’s commitment to collaborating with the police to enhance the security of lives and property in the nation. Dr. Arase also stressed the importance of security being a collective responsibility, encouraging a citizen-based approach to security in Nigeria.

    “In a bid to prevent any confusion and clearly define the roles of the Constabulary, the Commission, in consultation with the Inspector General of Police, will ensure that their uniforms are distinct from those of the Nigeria Police Force. This will help avoid any identity crisis while outlining their specific contributions to the nation’s security architecture” he said.

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