• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Police Issue Advisory To Ensure Security In Anambra


Jul 6, 2024

The Anambra State Police Command has issued a stern advisory in response to information regarding a planned Cult Day celebration on July 7, 2024, by a group of criminally minded individuals. This event, often marked by violence and bloodshed, poses a significant threat to public safety. The Police Command has firmly warned such individuals or groups to desist from any unlawful activities as the police are committed to protecting lives and properties.

The Command has reiterated that such events and any related activities remain banned. It has also emphasized its readiness to enforce the newly signed Anti-Cultism law of the state against anyone involved in cult-related activities or actions that could undermine security.

The advisory also serves as a caution to hoteliers, bar owners, and proprietors of event and recreation centers. They are advised to be vigilant about gatherings in their facilities, as they will face consequences if found accommodating such activities. Additionally, parents and guardians are urged to warn their wards to remain law-abiding and avoid actions that could disrupt the peace in the state.

The Police and other security agencies remain resolute, committed, and dedicated to ensuring a safer and more secure Anambra State at all times.

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