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Police Investigates Case Of Murdered Lady In Abuja

ByHybrid News

Feb 25, 2022

Wisdom Joseph (Abia state) was said to have approached Evelyn Alifiya (Ofu LGA Kogi state) for marriage at a time. After some months into relationship, Wisdom moved into Evelyn’s apartment in Lugbe Area of Abuja in June (2021) on account that he was jobless and had no proper shelter. Evelyn until her death was responsible for Wisdom’s upkeep, feeding and clothing inclusive.

The relationship however went soured as Evelyn’s apartment became a den of rape, torture and all forms of maltreatment from Wisdom Joseph. A direct family source confirmed Wisdom threatened to Kill Evelyn on several occasions alleging Evelyn never hesitated to be rude at slightest instance.

Evelyn, in connivance with her family members in turn perfected plans to move her out of the apartment when on that fateful Saturday evening the 18th of February, 2022, she found out Wisdom Joseph has a gun kept in his bag. She called her sister to intimate her of the incident and her decision to report to the police.

That same evening, Evelyn was strangled to death. Her body was covered with a blanket and the room locked up. Wisdom absconded after putting a phone call to Evelyn’s father informing him to pick up his daughter’s corpse.

Evelyn’s sister, her husband and family members ran to her and found the door locked. They contacted Lugbe Police Station whose personnel came and had the door broken.

Evelyn’s body was recovered almost decaying. Account of witnesses were also given by co-tenants who claimed there was a fight between Evelyn and Wisdom earlier on Saturday and since then, Wisdom has not been seen.

However, Evelyn’s family members helplessly begged the police to help them find Wisdom Joseph who is currently on the run. But Police cruelly demanded for a sum of three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000) to carry out investigations after extorting thirty thousand Naira from the diseased family. Been unable to afford police conditions of service, Evelyn’s body was driven to her home town and had been buried this morning amidst tears.

The question now is, why would the police demand for money to carry out their jobs?

Rest on Sister Evelyn.

Photo credit, family source.

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