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    Police Bust Drug Dealers, Cultist, And Land Grabber Syndicate; Several Arrests Made

    ByHybrid Communications

    Jul 31, 2023

    The Zone 2 Command headquarters in Onikan, Lagos, received an intelligence report on the 17th of July 2023, that led to the arrest of criminals involved in drug trafficking, cult activities, and land grabbing, thanks to the swift action of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Ari Mohammed Ali.

    Upon receiving the crucial information, AIG Ali wasted no time and deployed a team of seasoned detectives from the Zonal Anti-kidnapping Unit.

    Employing cutting-edge technology, the officers tracked down and apprehended two prime suspects, identified as Falana Olamilekan, 40 years old, and Aro Tomiwa, 41 years old, at their hideout in the Anikanle Kola Alagbado area of Lagos State.

    In the course of intense interrogation, the suspects confessed to several crimes.

    Olamilekan Falana, also known as “Chinko,” admitted to being a member of the notorious Eye fraternity group, having been initiated in 2019 by a person known as Shola, unfortunately now deceased.

    The principal suspect also disclosed the unlawful possession of a locally-made cut-to-size gun, claiming to have purchased it from a mysterious individual named Tunji, whose whereabouts he was unaware of. Moreover, he revealed a troubling connection between the gun and Tunde, the son of an OPC member in their community, with whom he would frequently engage in transactions involving firearms and cartridges.

    Chillingly, Olamilekan Falana admitted to being involved in the lucrative business of land grabbing for the past three months. He operated under the command of Tomiwa Aro, who answered to a leader named Ola-Olu, whose office was situated in Ilogbo. In a shocking revelation, Falana divulged that the locally-made double-barrel gun was utilized by him and Aro for self-defense during their land-grabbing escapades and rivalry fights with competitors.

    The second suspect, confirmed his involvement in land grabbing and confessed that he had known Olamilekan Falana for approximately four months. One day, Falana entrusted Aro with the cut-to-size gun, requesting him to safeguard it to evade potential police scrutiny. Aro, fearing the consequences of discovery, concealed the weapon on the roof of his residence.

    The duo’s nefarious modus operandi involved employing the gun to intimidate rivals and competitors during disputes over land-grabbing activities.

    In response to this alarming criminal network, law enforcement is aggressively pursuing all individuals connected to these heinous acts. Additional arrests are expected as the investigation continues.

    In the interim, preparations are underway to arraign the arrested suspects in court once the comprehensive investigation concludes.

    The diligent efforts of AIG Ari Mohammed Ali and his team have resulted in a significant blow to criminal operations in Lagos.

    The police department remains vigilant and determined to rid the city of such criminal elements, ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

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