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Polaris Bank Enhances Financial Reporting Skills For Journalists

ByHybrid News

Jun 15, 2023

An experienced journalist and business expert, Akin Olaniyan, yesterday conducted a comprehensive training session for practicing journalists and Mass Communication graduates on the art of writing well-balanced and effective finance reports.

During the Polaris Bank media training held at Jevinik Place in GRA Ikeja, Lagos on June 14, Olaniyan shared valuable insights on delivering top-notch news reports in the realm of finance, particularly within a challenging economic environment.

He stressed several key variables that should be considered for effective finance reporting, including the Nigerian economy, Nigeria in its contextual setting, the media’s role, journalists as citizens, and producing impactful reports.

Olaniyan underscored the media’s role in promoting pluralism, asserting that journalists must be equipped with the necessary tools to provide citizens with thorough, incisive, and useful information.

He highlighted the significance of developmental journalism, which focuses on societal, cultural, and political aspects within the media landscape.

Furthermore, Olaniyan identified crucial factors that shape news coverage, such as economic, political, technological, and cultural influences.

He also discussed the challenges faced by journalists that hinder the production of exceptional content, including self-regulation, peer pressure, inadequate budgets, low remuneration, and ethno-religious considerations.

Another speaker at the event, Sheriff Adekoya, the Director General of Edgeforth, provided insights into the utilization of technology in journalism, branding, and advertising as integral components of the media industry. Quoting media guru Fred Alen, Adekoya highlighted that advertising accounts for 85% of media impact, while commission makes up the remaining 15%.

Adekoya further elaborated on the significance of data-driven media in the post-pandemic, technology-driven era while noting that human daily activities are constantly being shaped by innovative technological advancements. He urged journalists to have a clear direction in their work, as modern readers are increasingly discerning when it comes to brand, characteristics, and values.

He also emphasized the importance of media outlets having unique selling points and brand credibility.

Polaris Bank’s training initiative proved to be a valuable opportunity for journalists to enhance their financial reporting skills, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to produce high-quality reports amidst challenging economic conditions.

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