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POCACOV Sue For Stakeholders Invigorated Action To Reduce The Risk Of Suicide, Substance And Drug Abuse

Ahead of the occasion the of world suicide prevention Day billed to take place on 10/9/2021 aimed at providing commitment and action to prevent suicide, the National coordinator police campaign Against Cultism and other vices (Pocacov) the community driven program and public relations tool of the Nigeria police force, CSP Ebere Amaraizu has called for more stakeholders participations and actions of constant sensitization to raise more awareness towards reducing issues serving as catalyst to incidences of suicide.

Amaraizu disclosed this to Newsmen recently at the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pocacov Resource Centre Enugu while reacting on the essence of the world suicide prevention Day.

According to him studies conducted has shown that depression is a major catalyst to suicide just as other factors such as business failure, financial problems or poverty, guilt or fear of getting caught for something committed probably because of its attendant shame and blame, substance and drug a use, state of hopelessness and helplessness are fingered as contributory factors amongst others.

He maintained that having good coping skills will help one to face challenges and approach them devoid of the involvement of negative coping skills like resulting to the administration of substance and drug abuse as a measure to overcome challenges.

“We must raise awareness for people especially young minds to be following what they have passion for and be able to discover themselves”

“If you fail in what you have passion for, you will be consoled by the fact that there are opportunities ahead which might not warrant taking your life or getting involved in negative coping skills which will make you loose your conscience and change your mood”

“Constant interface and community engagement program is required by all and sundry to raise more awareness on ending suicide and such a platform must offer grounds of reassurance and restoration of help”

We should also be our brothers keeper and commit every situations into the hands of our creator. We must understand the fact there must be test before testimonies and that challenges are meant to serve as a true test of humanity.

The media, faith based groups, civil society groups, government and non governmental persons, all and sundry should join hands for increase awareness of this monster that have caused the taking away of the life of many who believe that all hope is lost and as a result get involved in negative coping skills and take away their lives.

To those perceived with worries, we must be quick to identify and open up reassurance communications regularly and help them to get medical attention, we must also look for those that usually withdraw themselves from people including those whose mood usually change in big ways as well as those who believe that they don’t have any reason or reasons to live.

“Those that have hard time to control their anger and those that are in the habit of substance and drug abuse must be checkmated and visited with regular engagement that enthroned reassurance. We have to join hands to end suicide for a greater community and Nation” he concluded.

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor is a seasoned journalist and the CEO/Founder Belch Digital Communications, publishers of Hybrid News Nigeria.

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