Peter Obi’s Shuddering Prophecy


Perhaps the most remarkable words uttered by Obi was that his state had saved up about $175million (N76billion) in three banks in some funds for children yet unborn. He said the funds will mature in 2050. I doubt if any other state has done this. Love or hate them, it is evident that the Igbos are among the most strategic people in Nigerians and are able to bootstrap themselves without anyone’s assistance. They may be right if they complain that others are slowing down their pace.

Obi parted on a scary note by stating: “The society we abuse today will take its revenge on us tomorrow”. No truer words have been said. This is as bad and scary as saying the ‘land’ will revenge itself. And I shudder to imagine the revenge of the ‘land’. We have sinned, our leaders and elites have sinned. I hope they can redeem themselves before the fury of the ‘land’ sets in.”