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PEBEC Stages Play To Address Bureaucratic Bottlenecks In Businesses


Jan 2, 2023

The Presidential Enabling Business Council (PEBEC) on Sunday hosted a staged play to address the bureaucratic bottlenecks.

The play titled “The Future Is Here” is a form of enlightenment on how bureaucratic bottlenecks has been addressed in Nigeria termed as “Easiland” in the play.

Dr. Jumoke Oduwole, Special Adviser to the President on Ease Of Doing Business revealed that “The future is here is a play commissioned to mark the 5th anniversary of PEBEC.

Oduwole added that PEBEC is a council that works on bureaucratic bottlenecks and legislative interventions for small and medium sized enterprises.

“As you saw from the play, those are realities that we have captured over the time. These are the realities that the team worked with.

“From.the play, you saw some of the reforms that we have implemented. Sometimes, some errant officers will try to sabotage the reforms and we urge people to also lodge complaints.

“We have received a lot of complements and we have also received a lot of complaints concerning the saboteurs within the system.

“This is to enlighten the public who don’t know about the reforms. You saw the reforms at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Customs. A lot of things are going on that people don’t know about.” she said.

Oduwole said that staged play was adopted as a form of enlightenment having realised that Nigerians love comedy and drama and it was the perfect way to deliver the message.

She further encourage the people to use report.gov.ng to lodge complaints if the reforms don’t work as feedbacks would be necessary to address bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Oduwole said that some other states are also requesting that the play be brought to their people just as there re deliberations on further ways to take the movie closer to the people.

The Project Manager, Mr Ayokunu Ojeniyi said the idea about the play is to celebrate the new year and to communicate to Nigerians that this country belongs to everyone.

“Government and citizens have their roles and together we can make Nigeria a place that we desire. So as I said, “Easiland” represents our collective will as a nation.

“It’s a land on a journey itself and there are quite a lot of similarities between Easiland and Nigeria. As the play depicts, if everybody does their own path, you will see that the country that we want comes to fruition,” he said.

Ojeniyi added that the idea of a staged play was chosen as there was no better way to communicate with people while they have fun and also see themselves as the characters.

“These are the kind of experience that you were not able to get if you were just watching TV or listening to radio.

“However, by watching it and seeing the characters playing a replay of your own experience as a way of resonating with individuals, that way the message can be delivered.

“Just like Nigeria is known for Nollywood, it’s because stories can be told through movies, stage play. It just a way of staying with the audience.,” he said.

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