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OPERATION DELTA SANITY: Nigerian Navy Records Successes In Anti-Crude Oil Theft Operations

The Nigerian Navy’s Operation DELTA SANITY, aimed at combating crude oil theft and illegal oil bunkering, has reported continuous successes in its efforts from February 5 to February 26, 2024. Various naval platforms deployed for the operation have conducted aggressive patrols to address the ongoing challenges in Nigeria’s maritime environment.

During this period, multiple illegal refining sites (IRS), metal storage tanks, ovens, wooden boats, dugout pits, fibre boats, and pumping machines were targeted and appropriately handled. Notably, Forward Operating Base FORMOSO in Bayelsa State, on February 19, conducted anti-crude oil theft operations around Brass River, Akassa, Lagosgbene, Tebidaba, and Oyeregbene general areas. The operation led to the discovery of an illegal refining site and two wooden boats laden with 62.9 barrels (10,000 litres) of suspected stolen crude oil.

Forward Operating Base ESCRAVOS, on February 19, also carried out anti-crude oil theft operations around Aghor-Kutu Community in Warri Southern Local Government Area of Delta State. The operation revealed an illegal refining site, three ovens, one reservoir, one pumping machine, 10 jerricans, and 38 drums laden with 195.9 barrels (31,150 litres) of suspected stolen crude oil.

Nigerian Navy Ship PATHFINDER, during operations from February 20 to 23 around Abuloma, Abonnema, Woji, and Taraba jetty in Borikiri, Rivers State, raided a car wash used for storing illegally refined products. The team discovered an illegal refining site, seven ovens, 60 drums, and two reservoirs laden with about 120,000 litres of suspected illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil.

On February 21, Forward Operating Base IGBOKODA conducted anti-crude oil theft operations around Agadagba in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. The team discovered four wooden boats laden with 1,200 litres of products suspected to be stolen Automotive Gas Oil.

Nigerian Navy Ship SOROH patrol team, on February 21, intercepted two private vehicles conveying 79 sacks of product suspected to be illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil around Okarki general areas of Bayelsa State. Additionally, the team, in conjunction with NSS 030, intercepted five ovens, nine drums, 25 iron pipes, one pumping machine, and one wooden boat laden with about 1,500 litres of suspected illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil.

On February 22, Forward Operating Base BADAGRY patrol team conducted cordon and search operations around Agbojetho Akorin in Lagos State. The team discovered 9,000 litres of products suspected to be illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil in a building.

Furthermore, on the same day, Forward Operating Base IBAKA patrol team intercepted a large wooden boat from the Republic of Cameroon around Uyenghe in Ibaka area, Cross River State. The boat was laden with about 5,100 litres of product suspected to be illegally syphoned Premium Motor Spirit.

In summary, during the reviewed period, three illegal refining sites, 15 ovens, two reservoirs, eight wooden boats, and one fibre boat were appropriately handled. The Nigerian Navy’s anti-crude oil theft operations denied oil thieves approximately 55,120 barrels of suspected stolen crude oil, 141,200 litres of illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil, and 9,000 litres of illegally siphoned Premium Motor Spirit. The estimated value of the denied products amounts to N7,422,792,302.58.

The success of the Nigerian Navy’s operations demonstrates the effectiveness of Operation DELTA SANITY in curbing illegal activities and safeguarding the nation’s maritime environment. The Navy remains committed to its mission, contributing to national security and prosperity.

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor is a seasoned journalist and the CEO/Founder Belch Digital Communications, publishers of Hybrid News Nigeria.

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