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Feb 25, 2021

The saying that when the righteous is in authority, the people rejoice has continued to play out since the emergence of Professor George Obiozor, a gregarious and sagacious Imo son as President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.

Recall that before his election, the famous socio-cultural organization was passing through rigorous solitude of crisis, trials and tribulations over who controls what, how to control it, when to control it and where to control etc.

Today, it is glaring that his coming on board is beginning to close gaps of misunderstanding, rancor and acrimony. This is evidenced in the steps he has taken so far to reach out to other organized and responsible bodies to see the need to enthrone peace, cooperation, tranquillity and unity.

No doubt, his election was preceded by various ethnic, religious and regional crises occasioned by lawlessness, unruliness and disobedience to the constituted authorities.

It is not in doubt that the South East geopolitical zone that was humiliated, detested and dehumanized previously is gradually becoming a cynosure of attraction following the diplomatic synergy and penetration of tactical but genuine discussions to other zones with the common Igbo message of taking power in 2023.

Today, our people can happily behold the night turning into daylight and the day getting broken to dawn in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Socio-cultural organization Worldwide since the diplomatic czar took over as President General.

Notably, those who abandoned the organization due to the unwholesome treated meted out at them previously are coming back to join hands with Prof Obiozor led Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide to rebuild and get things back on track.

Prof Obiozor and his chains of qualified executive are simply working the talk! We, bear no grudge for anyone to say that Ohanaeze Ndigbo of today is eager and ebulliently ready to change the old narrative with a view to clinging to what she is a major shareholder.

Happily, it is becoming glaring that the emergence of Prof Obiozor and others have opened various opportunities for an Igbo person to thrive in any position or business of his/her choice.

No wonder stakeholders from other zones have activated their channels of negotiations with the South East leaders on the need to keep a United and peaceful nation we can call our own.

Conclusively, Ohanaeze Ndigbo is bouncing back and all hands must be on deck to re-energize, reinforce, revive and recreate it for the good and prosperity of our children yet unborn.

Yes…Ohanaeze Ndigbo of today; Simply Working The Talk!

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