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OFFICE ROMANCE: Lagos Police Officers Face Dismissal Amid Accusations of Favoritism, Misconduct

ByHybrid News

May 4, 2024

Controversy has struck the Lagos State Police Command as two police inspectors, Adedoyin Damilola and Makanjuola Modupe, face potential dismissal following accusations involving their divisional police officer (DPO), SP Joshua T. Gbadegeshin. The inspectors, previously stationed at the Bariga Division, have been implicated in a complex case of workplace relationships and alleged misconduct.

The situation escalated when Inspector Modupe Makanjuola was accused by DPO Gbadegeshin of being romantically involved with her colleague, Inspector Damilola Adeoye, an accusation she vehemently denies. The controversy took a personal turn as DPO Gbadegeshin, who admitted to having an interest in Modupe, threatened to dismiss both inspectors from the force.

In a bid to fight back, the inspectors submitted a petition on August 21, 2023, to the Commissioner of Police, accusing DPO Gbadegeshin of threats to their lives, breach of peace, and acting unprofessionally. The petition detailed allegations against Gbadegeshin, including sending inappropriate messages and misusing police resources.

However, the matter took a further twist when the inspectors were persuaded to withdraw their complaint as a gesture of resolving the issue amicably, a move they later regretted. An orderly room trial was subsequently convened, leading to their potential dismissal.

Inspector Makanjuola has served in the police force since July 1, 2002, and claims her troubles began with the arrival of DPO Gbadegeshin. She recounted several instances of harassment and wrongful detention instigated by the DPO after she declined his advances.

Inspector Adeoye also shared his grievances, describing incidents where he was unfairly detained and harassed by DPO Gbadegeshin, who believed Adeoye was romantically involved with Makanjuola.

The current provost, reportedly a coursemate of DPO Gbadegeshin, has reopened the case, which had been previously deemed resolved, further complicating the situation for the accused inspectors.

The Lagos State Police Command’s spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, acknowledged awareness of the case, indicating that while the inspectors might have been dismissed, there are still avenues available for them to challenge the decision.

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