OBI CUBANA MUM’S BURIAL: Chiefpriest Sends Trailer Of 46 Cows, Jowi Zaza Sends 10


The Anambra State born Nigerian businessman, Obi Cubana recently lost his mum and he is set to give her a befitting burial in Oba, Anambra state

Celebrity bartender, Cubana Chief Priest has also supported his ex-boss with a trailer-load of 46 cows to celebrate the occasion.

Young billionaire, Jowi Zaza as well as other people also gifted the businessman cows which he showed off on his Instagram story.

All is set to leave no stone unturned as Nigerian businessman, Obi Cubana prepares to give his late mum a befitting burial in Anambra state.

Taking to his Instagram story channel, the entrepreneur shared videos of the moments cows gifted to him by friends got delivered to him.

His former employee, Chief Priest, outdid himself as he sent a trailer load of almost 50 cows, young billionaire, Jowi Zaza also sent in ten.

The businessman also shared videos of the space he kept the cows which looked like he was a herder.

The burial is supposed to stretch from Thursday July 15 and spill over to the weekend, but from the look of things on Obi Cubana’s Instagram story, the party has probably started already.