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NSCDC Commandant General Issues Directive To Safeguard National Assets


Aug 10, 2023

The Commandant General (CG) of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Ahmed Abubakar Audi has issued a directive to all Zonal Commanders and State Commandants.

He has urged them to enhance their efforts in conducting patrols, surveillance, and monitoring activities focused on Critical National Assets and Infrastructure (CNAI) throughout the entire nation.

This directive encompasses the inspection of even the smallest details, such as manholes located within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Delivering this directive during the second installment of the CG’s quarterly conference in 2023, Audi emphasized the paramount importance of safeguarding Critical National Assets and Infrastructure (CNAI) for the overall national security and the progress of socio-economic development.

“There is need for the Corps to strengthen security in all aspects of the country‚Äôs Critical National Assets and Infrastructure through proactive and pragmatic steps as the lead agency in this regard.

“You are to engage discrete investigation and intelligence gathering to track down those who engage in acts capable of undermining the security and integrity of our collective patrimony”, the CG said.

Audi restated the fact that the Corps has achieved remarkable accomplishments in reducing incidents of oil theft, vandalism, violent attacks, and economic sabotage.

This success has been made possible due to the unwavering dedication, commitment, and determination exhibited by the personnel, who have fearlessly confronted and overcome significant challenges. These achievements underscore the trust placed in the Corps.

He expressed his admiration for the personnel’s contributions and urged them to persist in upholding their steadfastness, resilience, and professionalism while fulfilling the mandates of the Corps.

“We need to remind ourselves of the challenges ahead of us and the need to effectively tackle the emerging security threats.

“We also need to intensify our efforts in the protection of CNAI, tackle the challenges in the oil sector and ensure protection of farmers and farmland to guarantee food security.

“Protect facilities in the power, telecoms and transportation sector with emphasis on rail infrastructure among others” he explained.

The helmsman of the Corps underscored the Corps’ dedicated focus on enhancing its capabilities through training, retraining, and the acquisition of modern operational and communication equipment. These efforts are geared towards strengthening the Corps’ overall effectiveness.

He directed the leaders of Corps formations to prioritize intelligence and surveillance training and retraining, recognizing its pivotal role in addressing the country’s security challenges effectively.

The Chief General (CG) highlighted the significance of fostering collaboration and synergy with both host communities and sister agencies. Such partnerships, he stressed, are essential for swift responses and for safeguarding against acts of sabotage, vandalism, and intentional damage.

He reminded the attendees about President Bola Tinubu’s unwavering stance against oil theft.

Also, he issued a fresh directive to all State Commandants, urging them to revitalize their anti-vandalism and intelligence units.

The successful execution of the Presidential Order would determine the continuation of their roles.
The Commandant General’s Conference was initiated by Dr. Audi two years ago when he assumed office.

Its purpose is to provide a platform for evaluating the Corps’ performance, appraising achievements, and discussing strategies for fulfilling its nationwide mandates.

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