• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

NPF Assures Protection Of Protesters’ Rights Amid Nationwide Protest Plans

In anticipation of the proposed nationwide protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) affirms the fundamental right of all citizens to engage in peaceful protest within the bounds of the law. The NPF underscores its commitment to safeguarding the rights and freedom of protesters while maintaining law and order.

The NPF has strategically placed its personnel nationwide on red alert, gearing up to monitor the planned protest. Commissioners of Police and supervising officers have received comprehensive briefings, emphasizing the coordination of on-ground officers to ensure the safety and security of all participants should the protests proceed.

While recognizing the significance of peaceful demonstrations, the NPF remains vigilant against potential hijacking attempts by individuals or groups with malicious intentions. The force is fully prepared to respond promptly and decisively to any unlawful activities or acts of violence that could jeopardize peace, public safety, and security during the protests.

The Police, with a nationwide reach, aims to thwart any attempts to exploit the planned protests for disruptive purposes. Any such endeavors will be met with legal and proportional force, as the Police is resolute in preventing the breakdown of law and order, loss of lives, and property, as witnessed in the past.

The Inspector-General of Police urges all participants in the proposed protest to conduct themselves peacefully and responsibly, adhering to principles of non-violence and respect for the rights of others. He calls on organizers to cooperate with the Police and other relevant security agencies, ensuring that protests remain peaceful and orderly. The NPF is committed to creating a safe environment conducive to promoting democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria.

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