There is no leadership changes in Ndigbo in APC Lagos state. Engr.Joe Igbokwe remained the apex leader of Ndigbo in APC Lagos State, there is no sensible alternative. Ndigbo in APC Lagos State will continue to excel with loyalty, discipline, accountability and transparent leadership, there is no vacant position in Ndigbo in APC leadership, Eze Uche Dimgba remained the executive coordinator Ndigbo in APC Lagos State. This was contained in a press statement by the Executive Media Officer of Ndigbo in APC Lagos State, Mr. Anyanwu Emeka Osukwu.

Leadership and the ability to led is not a tea party, it demands discipline and capacity to command respect across boards. What transpired at Eze Nwachukwu place few days ago is a failed coup from people that lacks characters, anyone that knows Aselem Njoku will testify that he is a complete errand man that lacked leadership skill and pedigree, a man whose political antecedents is questionable in all ramifications will not said to be a member of Ndigbo in APC Lagos State, a road side chief without a domain.

Njoku feeds from cheap propaganda and peddling of lies to innocent party leaders. I can still recounts how this gullible lilliputian delibrately extorted money and other valuables from vulnerable councilorship aspirant in Bariga, Njoku a PDP apologists completely ripped off this individuals using an inglorious disbanded South East group, are we talking about cash, gift items, pepper soups and drinks he unilaterally collected from a group that had less than 30 members. I heard he once boasted to his ignorant blind sheep’s that Asiwaju Tinubu offered him 50 million naira and he rejected it, this is one of such ridiculous episodes from a pepper soup politician, tell me how a gullible errand man like Njoku, a third class tenant in Lagos state, without a befitting home, both in Lagos state and in his home town would reject a 50 million naira gift, tell me how a political clown would reject a 50 million naira gift yet he drives old recketting Honda accord car manufactured centuries ago, this and several other biological instincts exposed how obsolete Njoku brain is operating without innovations of the 21st century era.

Njoku and his cohorts has nothing to offer Ndigbo in APC Lagos State, they are thieves without directives, he wanted to reap where he did not sow, where is Njoku and his useless advisers in 2015 when Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba) was campaigning for the APC party at the Onikan stadium, Njoku was said to be with PDP at the National stadium Surulere campaigning against the APC party, this is a typical character of a man with misplaced priority, his aim is to destroy and defects to any available group, Njoku doesn’t operate where there is no money because poverty is written over his face, this was exactly how he siphoned funds meant for the default Igbo United group and diverted their palliatives, same manner he used to messed up himself as PDP agent and apologists. If Njoku had a thinking faculty he should have known that democracy surpassed a one man’s decision, how could Njoku without a thinking faculty understands a simple political structure that clearly states that Ndigbo in APC Lagos State had eleven BOT members, Njoku if not a half baked illiterate could have at least reasoned properly, that a four member BOT had no constitutional authority to decide for a congress without the remaining seven BOT members and the consent of the apex leader Engr Joe Igbokwe.

The action of Njoku and his hungry disciples is a charade and has no standing in the leadership structure of Ndigbo in APC Lagos State,Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba) is the executive coordinator Ndigbo in APC Lagos State, it is not negotiable. Ndigbo in APC Lagos State is too big and decent to be tolerating the unwarranted behaviour of a lost sheep, Njoku and his cohorts deserves serious sanctions from the leadership of Ndigbo in APC to serve as a deterrent to other warring individuals nurturing similar beliefs like the over ambitious Njoku.