• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

NNS QUORRA: Nigerian Navy Elevates Naval Expertise With Inauguration Of Specialized Training Courses For 163 Officers

In a strategic move towards enhancing the capabilities of the Nigerian Navy, NNS QUORRA initiated specialized training courses with the inauguration of the Sub-Lieutenant Technical Course for 120 officers and the Officer’s Long Course for 43 officers.

These comprehensive programs will concentrate on honing skills in specialized areas, including above-water and communication, information technology, navigation direction, and underwater warfare, signaling a commitment to equipping Naval officers with advanced expertise for the evolving maritime landscape.

Commodore Adamu Yahaya, the Commandant of NNS QUORRA, presided over the inauguration ceremony for the Sub-Lieutenant Technical Course and the Officer’s Long Course for 2024. The event marked the beginning of a 12-month training program aimed at molding officers into proficient professionals within their specialized fields.

Commodore Yahaya expressed confidence that the training would equip officers to meet the directives of the Chief of Naval Staff in safeguarding the Nigerian Maritime domain, fostering free trade for sea ferries. Notably, the curriculum has been enriched with swimming and sailing training to instill confidence in the Naval officers, emphasizing their proficiency in both skills.

“As a Naval Officer, you are expected to build confidence in yourself; without swimming, your confidence will not be bold to say you are a Naval Officer,” remarked Commodore Yahaya. He highlighted the importance of these skills in shaping officers who can proudly identify as competent naval professionals.

Also speaking, Rear Admiral Patrick Nwatu, the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Naval Training Command (NAVTRAC), emphasized the foundational nature of the course for professional development in the Nigerian Navy.

The NNS QUORRA, where the ceremony took place, holds a pivotal role in sea and land training, molding officers into skilled seamen and experts in armament technology.

Rear Admiral Nwatu stressed the significance of developing competencies aligned with technological advancements, recognizing the Navy’s evolving curriculum over the last decade.

He encouraged the officers to leverage technological advancements, emphasizing that the Navy is a professional-based service where skills and competencies are crucial.

“We are encouraging them, fortunately, we have a group of young talented officers both men and women who are skilled in this area. Without a doubt, they will meet our expectations,” affirmed Admiral Nwatu.

He expressed confidence that the returning officers would bring enhanced professionalism and capacity to the Navy.

The inauguration ceremony sets the stage for a transformative training period, positioning the officers to navigate the evolving landscape of maritime technology and warfare.

The emphasis on skills, competencies, and technological advancements underscores the Nigerian Navy’s commitment to staying at the forefront of maritime excellence. The expectation is that the officers, upon completion, will contribute significantly to the Navy’s objectives and the nation’s maritime security.

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor is a seasoned journalist and the CEO/Founder Belch Digital Communications, publishers of Hybrid News Nigeria.

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