• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

NIMASA Elevates Journalistic Proficiency With Insightful Maritime Training

Aiming to enhance the journalistic expertise pertaining to maritime intricacies, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) orchestrated an illuminating workshop. This educational endeavour, conducted in collaboration with Maxval Associates Limited (Training and Management Consultants), provided journalists with comprehensive insights into the codes and conventions central to the maritime domain.

Conducted at the Regent Luxury Suites in Ikeja, Lagos, the workshop, steered by Mr. Peter Agbaminoja, unfolded a rich tapestry of knowledge about the intricate world of shipping during its recent session.

Agbaminoja captivated attendees by emphasizing the pivotal role of shipping in global commerce, affirming, “Shipping stands as the heartbeat of global trade, infusing vitality into business endeavors across the globe. Our daily essentials owe their existence to the mechanisms of shipping.”

Distinguishing between conventions and treaties, he elucidated, “Conventions symbolize international accords forged by multiple nations to attain specific goals, while treaties unite nations in collaborative efforts or resource-sharing initiatives.”

The discourse also cast a spotlight on the indispensable stature of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in upholding maritime safety, environmental sustainability, and liability constraints within the industry.

Agbaminoja underscored the IMO’s mandate as the specialized United Nations agency, entrusted with formulating an equitable and universally adopted regulatory framework for the maritime sphere.

Expounding on key maritime codes and conventions, Agbaminoja encouraged attending journalists to deepen their comprehension of the industry’s intricacies, highlighting its pivotal role in fostering informed and enlightening reportage for the public.

Acknowledging the invaluable insights gained, journalists in attendance lauded NIMASA for this initiative. They advocated for the continuity of such sessions, suggesting prolonged durations spanning two to three days to facilitate more comprehensive assimilation of knowledge.

Representing the Director-General of NIMASA, Alhaji Aminu urged journalists to amplify positive narratives about the country, aiming to attract heightened investments into the maritime sector.

The workshop also witnessed the presence of Mr. Paul Osagie Edward, Assistant Director of Public Relations at NIMASA, underscoring the agency’s unwavering commitment to nurturing enhanced understanding and media coverage of the maritime industry among journalists.

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor is a seasoned journalist and the CEO/Founder Belch Digital Communications, publishers of Hybrid News Nigeria.

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