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In a remarkable display of goodwill and commitment to fostering civil-military relations, the Nigerian Navy, led by Commodore Mohammed Yabuku Dahiru, Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) WEY, conducted a medical outreach in the Oriade Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos on October 26, 2023.

The outreach event, which showcased the Navy’s dedication to its host community, was graced by various local authorities, and it aimed to enhance the well-being of the residents, promote cooperation, and contribute to environmental beautification.

Commodore Mohammed Dahiru, during the event, conveyed the appreciation of Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla, the Chief of Naval Staff, to the peaceful community that has harmoniously coexisted with the Nigerian Navy Ship Wey and Navy Town.

He noted that the initiative was in line with the directives contained in the Chief of Naval Staff’s strategic directive for 2023, which encouraged units like NNS WEY to conduct civil-military activities in host communities as a token of gratitude for their continuous support and peaceful coexistence.

The outreach encompassed a range of activities designed to benefit the community. Medical personnel were present to conduct pre-medical checks and provide essential treatments.

In addition, the Nigerian Navy donated drugs, mosquito nets, and chairs to expectant mothers attending ante-natal clinics. Environmental concerns were also addressed, as Navy personnel volunteered to clear the local drainages, thereby contributing to the mitigation of climate change effects and enhancing the environment’s aesthetics.

Commodore Dahiru, in his address, highlighted the Nigerian Navy’s commitment to the welfare of the community and revealed that the outreach in Oriade LCDA marked the beginning of similar endeavors that would extend to other communities within their jurisdiction.

He expressed gratitude to the local government and traditional rulers for their support and appreciated the enthusiastic participation of community members.

In his words: “Today, we thought it wise to come here and conduct medical rhapsody to do pre-medical checks, donate drugs, mosquito nets and donate chairs to our pregnant women that come for ante-natal. We have also come here with our personnel to clear the drainages around. All these are aimed towards enhancing the well being of members of the community and also to mitigate the effects of climate change, to beautify and to clean the environment.

“For us the Nigerian Navy Ship WEY, we administer 10 barracks areas and this is the beginning. We’re going to touch all other communities. I want to seize this opportunity to thank Oriade local government and the leadership of the local council and other local governments as well as the traditional rulers here for coming out. I want to thank the members of the community for coming out en-mass to participate in this programme. I also appreciate our commander Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital and his team for supporting us with this outreach” he concluded.

In a show of unity and appreciation, the Executive Chairman of Oriade LCDA, Hon. Romotalai Akinola Hassan expressed the council’s delight in receiving the Nigerian Navy’s medical outreach team and acknowledged the strong and cordial relationship that had developed between the community and the Navy.

Hon Akinola who was represented by the Secretary of the Council, Mr. Rasaq Akorede Olojede, encouraged residents to make the most of the primary healthcare program offered by the Nigerian Navy, underscoring the enduring support of the local council.

“Holding here today is another landmark event of this medical outreach which has been enjoyed by other armed forces. We want to on behalf of our Executive Chairman urge all our residents around here today to seize this opportunity to benefit from this primary health care program that we are being accorded by the Nigerian Navy and we want to say emphatically that we have been enjoying a very cordial relationship in the area of security and protection of lives of property from this office of the Nigerian Navy and we wish to assure them our regular support at all time when the need arise.

“Once again I want to enjoin the community to take their time and enjoy the benefit of these Health Care activities and I assure you that everything will go as smoothly” Akinola noted.

On his part, the Commander of the Nigerian Navy Defence Hospital in Ojo, Surgeon Captain Ikechukwu Chukwuka emphasized the healthcare services provided during the outreach.

He said some patients will receive immediate treatment, while those with chronic conditions will be referred to appropriate hospitals for further care.

Surgeon Captain Ikechukwu Chukwuka also informed that surgical cases would also be considered, with advanced diagnostic tools and machines available to assess patients more comprehensively.

”Some of the people may require treatments so we treat them on the spot. Some that have chronic cases like Hypertension cannot be treated once. We may need further review. So we can refer you to the nearest hospital, of which Nigeria Reference Hospital is near enough or any other Hospital as the case may be for further review.

“We may also pick specific one or two surgical cases that we may tackle, that is if a definite diagnosis is made or if there is a need for further review. We have our machines like MRI and other diagnostic tools that we use to further evaluate patients. So in such cases we may invite them to the hospital” Chukwuka said.

The medical outreach in Oriade LCDA was a testament to the Nigerian Navy’s commitment to community welfare and its dedication to building and strengthening civil-military relations. It not only showcased the Navy’s goodwill but also illustrated the symbiotic relationship between the armed forces and the local community in ensuring security, health, and well-being.

Also speaking, Comrade Aluko Taiwo Joshua, Religions and Peace Studies Lagos State University, Ojo. In relation to one of the course of study in school, Civil-Military Relation, we held a field trip today. At first we visited an health center at Amuwo Odofin Local Government, where Civil-Military Relation was practically carried out and experienced by the student of Religions and Peace Studies in relation to Civil-Military Relation.

“A couple of things where done to support the health care facilities of the local government as in Rapsody at Amuwo Odofin Local Government. Concentrated mosquito nets were given, plastic chairs were given, free drugs were given and injections were given as well, the drainage system was also controlled”

“This is to further show the concern for humanitarian services asides from the protection of the civilians in war times. All these were the strategic directives of the Chief of Naval staff, in person of Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla”

“A tour to the Navy Town NNS WEY at Lagos, Ojo. We walked round to familiarize ourselves with the several location such as the Sport center, to the Churches and the mosque, we also familiarized with the places of abode of the military personnel as well as the school. We also got a lecture from one of the military personnel as regarding Civil-Military Relation, we as well asked couple of questions which profound answers were granted and given to us.

“Truly, today’s experience is one of a kind we can’t forget in the history of Civil-Military Relation from the department of Religions and Peace Studies LASU Ojo. Some of us even got convinced to joining the Nigeria Military” Joshua said.

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