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Nigerian Army Intelligence School Students Gain Practical Insights At FCID Lagos


Mar 10, 2024

Students from the Nigerian Army Intelligence School (NAIS) recently embarked on a local study tour to the Force Criminal and Intelligence Department (FCID) in Lagos, enriching their knowledge in forensic and crime scene investigation, as well as the utilization of specialized tools in criminal probes.

Led by Lieutenant Colonel FB Ayeni, the Deputy Commandant of NAIS, the delegation received a warm reception at the Force Headquarters from DCP Elias Uzoremeka Okwudiri, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Forensic Department. Lieutenant Colonel Ayeni expressed appreciation for the reception and underscored the visit’s significance in fostering collaboration between the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police Force, particularly in the realms of intelligence gathering and sharing.

DCP Elias Uzoremeka Okwudiri provided valuable insights into the establishment’s functions, roles of various departments, procedures in criminal investigations, and the challenges faced by the organization. He also highlighted potential areas for collaboration between the NA and FCID. The students then embarked on a guided tour of FCID’s investigative sections, including the Fingerprint Section, DNA laboratory, Document Examination Section, Simulation Section, and Forensic Ballistic section, among others.

The visit proved to be an enriching experience for the students, offering them practical exposure to forensic and crime scene investigation. It also served as a platform for fostering stronger collaboration between the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police Force in the crucial domains of intelligence gathering and sharing. The insightful tour demonstrated the commitment of both entities to enhancing their capabilities in combating crime through shared knowledge and expertise.

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