Nigeria Customs Set To Introduce Webb Tracker Mobile Application


The Nigeria Customs Service said it is set to introduce Webb Tracker Mobile Application and a simplified standard operating procedure for the use of Scanners.

The mobile App according to the service, will allow any person that has access to the NICIS 11 to remotely validate any declaration/payment and more importantly, the status of a particular consignment or Vehicle.

According to a press statement by the National Public Relations Officer of the Service, Comptroller Joseph Attah, on Thursday, the Service informed that with the new innovation, motorists and owners of imported goods do not have to wait longer for field operatives to confirm the validity of their documents before letting them go.

He explained that the mobile app which can be installed in mobile devices (phones, tablets e.t.c) enables the use of the vehicle identification number to upload data concerning the type, make and model of all vehicles at the point of making declaration with a view to assigning value for the payment of appropriate Customs duty.

Attah further stated that apart from removing acrimonies associated with enforcement activities on the highways, it will robustly facilitate free flow of compliant trade while checking illegal imports, aid declaration using the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the Customs control numbers to ascertain the correct status of vehicles and other containerized goods released or in transit.

“Furthermore, the simplified standard operating procedure provide clear guidelines on the usage of scanners at all entry and exit points in Nigeria” he said.