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Nigeria Customs Charges Newly Promoted Officers To Be More Proactive In Discharging Their Duties

The Tin-Can Island Ports Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Area Controller, Comptroller Musa Abdullahi Baba has charged the newly promoted officers of his Command to be more proactive in the course of their official duties. He stated this recently while decorating promoted Officers and Men of his Command.

According to the Comptroller, a total of 175 Senior Officers has been promoted, 5 Comptrollers, 7 Deputy Comptrollers, 14 Assistant Comptrollers, 11 Chief Superintendents of Customs, 35 Superintendents of Customs, 63 Deputy Superintendents of Customs, 33 Assistant Superintendents of Custom I, and 7 Assistant Superintendents of Custom II, making it a total of One h
Hundred and Seventy-Five (175) Senior Officers. The promotion is performance-based. Promotion is a privilege and not a right, and it comes from God, and we are all believers of God.

The Area Controller who congratulates the officers on their various rank and further reminds them of the Nigeria Customs Service consistent with its call for professionalism, due diligence, accountability and transparency in approach to official responsibilities.

He, however, stated that the service appreciates the role played in its success story, hence the promotion. “Your promotion, therefore, requires constant work and rededication to improve on your services to the service” Musa added.

Speaking with Newsmen after the decorations, the newly promoted Public Relations Officer of the Command, Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSC) Uche Ejesieme expressed delight to be among those promoted and assured the Customs Management Team that the newly promoted Officers of his Command would continue to deliver on their mandates in their new assignments.

According to him “We are simply very excited, we are happy, we feel elected because Customs Service has transformed to a level where meritocracy has become the order of the day”

“In saying this, I pay a very great tribute to the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd), and his able Lieutenants, for making this day possible”

“We are happy. You could see the excitement written on the faces of all the officers that were decorated today. We are happy, and we appreciate the kind gesture of the Service”

Ejesieme further stated that his Area Controller, Comptroller Musa has charged Officers to increase their level of performance in terms of diligence, transparency, accountability, and most importantly, key into the changed mantra of the CGC and also imbibe the 3-Rs, which is Restructure, Reform and Raise Revenue.

CSC Ejesieme hinted that the Public Relations Unit of the Service has the best Officers, who are very passionate about what they are doing, propagating the image of the service. It is not surprising that the Head of the Unit, the newly Promoted Comptroller Joseph Attah is somebody that had paid his dues, he is a quintessential officer, highly cerebral, and we are not surprised that he was promoted alongside other officers in the PR Unit.

CSC Uche Ejesieme stated that many officers of the Command are now happy because the service under Col Hameed Ali (Rtd) has transmuted from a point where professionalism and meritocracy are the order of the day.

“If you look at the history of promotions since the CGC came onboard, there has been a paradigm shift from the way promotions used to be.

“It is pertinent to mention that the Tin-Can Island Ports Command for the past three years consecutively have been able to clinch the WCO Award for excellent service to the International Customs Community (ICC) in terms of transparency, accountability, and facilitation of trade,

“Beyond this, among the 200 countries of World Customs Organization (WCO), Nigeria Customs Service was adjudged part of the 14 that have been seen to align with the Kyoto Convention for simplification of customs processes and procedures,

We are happy that the officers have paid their dues and would continue to pay their dues” he added.

In the same vein, he stated that the
Service has enthroned transparency and accountability in the way they do things. “Before this time provisions of this nature were from what could be called favoritism, but now it has become an issue of meritocracy. We are happy and we give kudos to the CGC, and his Management Team.

In her remarks, one of the newly Promoted Comptrollers, Comptroller C. E. Ayo, psc+, eulogies the Tin-Can Island Ports Command Controller, Comptroller Musa Baba. In her words “Comptroller M.B.A. Musa, whom I have known for the past thirty years. Nobody will tell anyone that the young man you are seeing today won’t go places. He stood out right from the training school. He is a man of few words. Whatever comes out of his mouth must be paid adequate attention and scribbled, as they always come to pass”

She continues “Sir, when you rolled out the number of people that were promoted in your command, I was not surprised, but I was close to tears because for this number of officers to be promoted in your command proves that you have made this area conducive for people to thrive”

You have tolerated us so much, even in good and bad times, at least, I have spent almost two years in this Command, and I have been noticing (his work ethic). He pays attention to the sick, he lauds and celebrates us as at when due, but he should not be taken for granted.

“I want to tell you, that we appreciate you, Sir. Quoting Lt. Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo as he then was, in his famous address at Jaji in 1975, “That a man giving happiness exclusively to himself will die a frustrated Man. But a Man giving happiness to himself and the generality of others will remain a happy Man because it shall be contradictory and absurd to be unhappy in a happy environment”

“We will soon be leaving you, and I will leave with mixed feelings. Should I have a choice to pick another boss again, should God create me to be a Customs officer, even though we are so much hated, I will still choose Controller Musa,

“Equally going with these feelings, and as a lawyer, Lord Denin in his wisdom; a Law Lord, who lived 100 days and 100 years on earth, claimed in one of his brilliant quotations that “when the ghosts of the past are standing in the path of justice, clanking their medieval chains; the right thing for a good judge to do, is to pass through them undeterred,” Ayo concluded.

The area Controller further urged the promoted officers to be prepared for additional responsibilities “May I, therefore, implore you to recognize the fact that promotion comes with additional responsibilities but I have no doubt in my mind that you will all have the capacity and the wherewithal to justify the confidence reposed in you by the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) and the Management Team.

“You will be paying particular attention to the core vision and mission of the service, particularly the three R’s which is Restructure, Reform and Raise Revenue as well as increase your preparedness to key into the change mantra of the Customs Management,

“A common adage which has become a cliche says that ”To whom much is given, much is expected” and it is on this premise that I will end this address, convinced you will not let down your guards in your commitment to service delivery.” Controller Musa said.

Leading the pack of newly promoted officers from rank of Deputy Comptrollers to the rank of Comptrollers include; Comptroller Caroline Ebun Ayo who headed the Vehicle Seat at TICT Terminal, Comptroller Yisa Dorothy Omogbehin from the Ports and Cargo Terminal Vehicle Seat, Comptroller Adegbite formerly heading the Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Unit and Comptroller Abubakar Mohammed Adamu the popular anti-smuggling czar.

Other outstanding officers among the pack of newly promoted Assistant Comptrollers to Deputy Comptrollers are; Deputy Comptroller Balogun Adedokun Wasiu from the Command’s Valuation Unit, and Deputy Comptroller Usman Abdul Rasaq who headed the Car Park ‘C’.

X-raying the professional records of the newly promoted officers and their contributions to the Nigeria Customs Service under the leadership of Col Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd).

Comptroller Caroline Ebun Ayo
Comptroller Ayo assumed duty at the Tin Can Island Command on the 1st of April, 2019, and since then, she has brought her wealth of experience to bear.

Through her no-nonsense stance, the service has made seizures such as; 76 packages of Cannabis in April 2021, seizure of 43 packages of Cannabis Colorado.

Others are; detention of 2 units of Armoured Toyota Hilux pick-ups 2020 and 2021 models, carton of Bardine Codeine together with Extra Strength drugs among other high profile seizures. Comptroller Ayo is a seasoned lawyer and technocrat, she is a product of the Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada Abuja.

Comptroller Caroline Ebun Ayo made her mark while at the College and she has brought some of her experiences to bear at the Tin Can Port.

She has worked at B2, department at the command with a track record of total adherence to extant guidelines as provided by the CAC and by extension the CGC.

The Customs Area Controller of Tin-Can Ports, Comptroller Musa Abdullahi Baba is very excited about all her achievements.

Comptroller Adamu Abubakar Mohammed was an Enforcement csar who moved from Federal Operations Unit Zone A Ikeja Lagos, to the Strike Force in Zone C, he is someone who has intercepted various seizures and contributed monumentally towards successes recorded at the Tin-Can Island Command. There is no Unit that Adamu has been to, that he did not leave his record in the sands of time.

At the FOU Zone C, he was party to the over 40,000 bags of foreign parboiled rice intercepted at various times.

He was a beneficiary of one of the special promotions under the past administration of the Customs Service. Under the present administration of Hameed Ibrahim Ali, his efforts at suppressing smuggling have been felt. He has been a dedicated officer that has paid his due and still doing so.

Comptroller Yisa Dorothy-Omogbehin, before her promotion, she was Deputy Comptroller in charge of vehicle seat at Ports and Cargo Terminal.

Here is a great amazon that keyed into the vision of the Customs Area Controller, Tin-Can Command, Comptroller Musa Abdullahi Baba by contributing to the successes of the command.

At the Port and Cargo Terminal vehicle seat, she brought about sanity at the terminal. The vehicle seat of the terminal hitherto used to be a very rowdy place, an officer without stamina and capacity or wherewithal would not be able to last long, this is because clearing agents and other stakeholders would always want to stampede officers into making hasty decisions.

In all of these, Comptroller Yisa has always stamped her feet to makes sure that the right things are always done.

Her landmark achievements include; she was among the 9 selected pioneer officers that were trained for a year in Lome- Togo in the ASYCUDA conversion course (September 1997 to September 1998). As a member of the project team, she was posted to Apapa Nigeria premier port to start ASYCUDA as a technical Supervisor.

Comptroller Dorothy was also a member of the valuation and classification capacity building team trained by Cotecna, a destination inspection company for one year (2008) to (2009).

She was also a member of the customs team trained in Geneva Switzerland on risk management.
Compt Dorothy holds a B, Ed degree from Ahmadu Bello University. She is from Niger state.

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