NIGERIA @61: Security Expert, Mr Matthew Ibadin On Friday Urged Journalists To Join In Rebranding Nigeria


Mr Matthew Ibadin, the CEO/Chairman Badinson Security Service said it is a time to celebrate Nigeria rather than putting the country in bad image.

According to Ibadin, the same efforts used in reporting the ills of the society should also be utilized in projecting the good image of the country. 

“This is the time for every journalist to celebrate Nigeria. We should practice the kind of journalism which is based on rebranding the country and not chasing out investors. 

“Everytime you pick up a newspaper, there is always a crime report. Do you think they don’t commit crimes in other countries, but they hardly report it because of their love for the country.

“We keep calling out our leaders but many Nigerians get paid everyday and don’t even pay tax. Now is the time for us to forgive ourselves and decide to do better. Let us celebrate Nigeria at 61. 

“Nigeria is a great country. A lovely place to live. It is a country inhabited by wonderful people. We should rather ask the government to give us the basic amenities.” he said.

Ibadin further urged journalists to also focus on setting a pace for the government to perform by taking them up on developmental goals.

“Journalists should set a pace for the government to perform. Journalists should be asking why we don’t have light in this country, when are we going to have light or how can we have electric-train.

“It is Nigeria’s Independence Day, we should use this opportunity to rebrand Nigeria. Nigeria is a good country. The entire continent of Africa is waiting for Nigeria. 

“Let us celebrate our leaders too. Let us pray for them. It has not been easy for them. Our leaders are not from the moon. They are from us. We are the ones still advising them on the things meant to be done.” he said.

Ibadin also prayed that God should touch everybody’s hearts including journalists so that they can advise the leaders to do the right thing. 

He encouraged journalists to use their pen to do the right thing, forget about the past and move to the next level. 

“Let us forgive ourselves. We have a lot to gain if we work together. That is just the truth. Let us have a better country.” he said.