NGO Trains 1,000 Youths On Self Actualisation In 2021


A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Dola Bamgboye Foundation (DBF) said that it trained 1,000 youths in 2021 on self actualisation by focusing on improving self confidence and self direction as a tool for empowerment in the society.

Mrs Vivienne Bamgboye, a member of the Board of Trustees of the foundation said this at the formal unveiling of the logo’s foundation which held on Thursday at Lekki Leisure Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Bamgboye said that most youths believe that empowerment is about giving them money but hopes to change that narrative so that they begin to understand value creation through competence.

“It is important to make sure that youths are aware that the most important thing in empowerment is to be able to self sustain.

“The tool for self sustainability is that you have strong self confidence and know what your resources are deposited inside of you to draw out the creative talents in you.

“You do not want to be in a position of lack of self sustenance and lack of self direction therefore, self direction and self confidence is key to youth empowerment,” she said.

Bamgboye said that the foundation organised an intergenerational dialogue last October so that young people can have a voice in the national development of the country.

“One of the things discussed at the intergenerational dialogue is the reason why the EndSars movement did not achieve what it is supposed to achieve.

“The original purpose of the movement is to enable youths contribute to national development but the motive was defeated.

“We concluded that there is a disconnect between the dialogue across generations so we believe that the way bridge this gap is to do so in a non confrontational way,” she said.

Bamgboye said that youths should start to make connections across generations because of the things the nation stands to gain in terms of experience, finances among others.

“Youths should not allow politicians to break the link across generations, the fact that somebody is 80 years old does not mean that person can not contribute from his wealth of knowledge, experience and finance.

“It is about collective responsibility and making sure that we remain connected within our community and outside of our community,” she said.

Bamgboye said that Nigeria was a culturally diverse country and that our diversity should be an asset and not something that should separate us and cause us to be disconnected from each other.

She added that the foundation had been working with Bank UK which had been useful in helping raise awareness around people who want to partner with us to raise funds and reach out to more youths.