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Nestle Nigeria, LBS Sustainability Centre Empowers Journalists With Data-Driven Reportage On Nutrition, Health, And Environment

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Jul 31, 2023

The Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre (LBSSC) successfully concluded the 2023 Nestlé Sustainability training, centered around the theme “Nestlé Advancing Nutrition, Health, and Environmental Awareness Through the Media.”

This annual training, held from July 26th to 28th, 2023, brought together journalists and media practitioners focused on nutrition, health, and environment topics for a three-week intensive program.

The training provided a comprehensive exploration of data analysis, sustainability trends, and solution journalism. Participants gained valuable insights into the intricate relationship between the environment and food systems, enabling them to effectively communicate best practices, lifestyle choices, and policy directions to the Nigerian public. The main goal was to foster sustainability in food systems, improve lives, and strengthen communities.

Representing the Dean of Lagos Business School, Prof. Chris Ogbechie, Mr. Henry Andoh, Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Nestlé for their steadfast commitment to promoting nutrition, health, and environmental awareness in Nigeria.

In his remarks, he said, “Nestlé’s commitment to empowering journalists with accurate information and valuable reporting skills is commendable, and we are honoured to be part of this partnership to foster a healthier and more sustainable future for all Nigerians. I want to express my appreciation to the faculty, speakers, and facilitators who have generously shared their expertise and experiences with participants throughout this programme. Their contributions have been invaluable in enriching the learning experience”.

He went on to urge media professionals to participate in ethical and evidence-based journalism.

He added, “as you end the programme and return to your respective media houses, I urge participants to use the knowledge gained and the connections forged to elevate the standard of reporting on nutrition, health, and environmental issues in Nigeria. Together, let us strive to create a more informed and enlightened society that embraces sustainable practices, values, and well-being that champions the cause of a healthier planet”

The media plays a vital role in raising awareness about climate change, influencing public attitudes, and promoting sustainable and climate-resilient practices in agriculture, food systems, and environmental conservation. During this year’s training, the emphasis has been on emphasizing the crucial link between nutrition, health, sustainability, climate change, shifting weather patterns, and food systems in the context of Nigeria.

Additionally, the training has shed light on how individual behaviors and community cultures significantly impact this intricate relationship.

The Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager at Nestlé Nigeria, Victoria Uwadoka, expressed her gratitude to the Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre for their outstanding delivery of the program. She also extended her appreciation to the media professionals for their active participation.

She said “our purpose is to unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone today and for generations to come. We are committed to delivering affordable nutrition to our customers and their families, working together with stakeholders to build thriving communities and ensuring we have a planet that is sustainable for generations to come”

She further remarked, “At Nestle, we understand that there is more access to information which is available everywhere, but it must be factual, based on available data and in a format that is easily digestible. Our belief is that going forward, we will begin to see a difference in the way the trained journalists analyse data, report, and communicate to influence positive attitudinal change in families, communities and organisations.”

She informed the participants that Nestlé Nigeria will continue to maintain respect for the media and the communities the organisation works in, and most importantly, continuously engage with stakeholders and the media for better outcomes.”

This year’s training program surpassed all expectations, offering participants an even more robust experience. A highlight of this year’s training was the enriching field trip to Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative (LUFASI) Park in Sangotedo, Lagos.

This excursion provided an exceptional experiential learning session, where attendees were immersed in nature and had the opportunity to interact with and learn from the preservation efforts of natural habitats in urban areas.

LUFASI Park, serving as a field laboratory, showcased the impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, making the experience both educational and eye-opening. Participants were thrilled to witness firsthand the sanctuary’s diverse flora and fauna, including endangered aquatic life and avian species. Engaging activities like game fishing added an element of fun and excitement to the learning journey.

During the training, participants actively engaged in group presentations, and awards were presented to those who demonstrated outstanding involvement and punctuality in both streams of the program. This encouraged camaraderie and a healthy competitive spirit among the participants.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Nestlé Nigeria for their unwavering support over the past four years. Their partnership has been instrumental in delivering the 2023 Nestlé Advancing Nutrition, Health, and Environmental Awareness Through the Media training.

We are truly grateful to the dedicated facilitators and faculty members whose insightful knowledge sharing sessions enriched the entire program. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our exceptional community of staff and team members, whose relentless efforts ensured the successful delivery of a superb learning experience for all.

As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact of the participants’ future reportage and storytelling. Through their work, we hope to drive behavioral change and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on food systems, ultimately fostering a healthier and more sustainable future.

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